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9 Awesome AI Tools You Need to Try 🚩

Feeling the pressure to stay ahead? It isn’t just you.

Being a “10x dev” has always been a bit of a myth. But the proliferation of AI tools means a “10x dev” is something we can all be… if we use the right tools!

1. Sourcegraph Cody – Read, write and understand code

I think about Sourcegraph’s Cody as the next generation of GitHub Copilot. It can understand your entire codebase, code graphs, and company documentation.

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My view: While not substantiated, the claim of a 10x speed increase shows clear intent to improve productivity drastically. However, it’s in beta, and the tool acknowledges that it's not always correct, though they’re making rapid improvements. Yes, GitHub Copilot X is on the way – but we have no idea when, and Cody is already here.

Try Sourcegraph Cody

2. Mutable – Powerful pair programming and more

Mutable AI is another alternative to the tools above. It's engineered to work with various popular programming languages and integrates with Visual Studio Code, Jupyter, and GitHub.

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My view: As with Cody, it's essential to remember that some of its modules are still in beta. As the tool continues to develop and expand its features, it’s another great contender in this space.

Try Mutable

3. CollabGPT – AI collaboration companion for software projects

CollabGPT by Stepsize is an AI companion for software projects. It seamlessly integrates with tools like Slack, Jira, and GitHub, providing insightful overviews of your activities and offering strategic suggestions.

The tool uses a complex AI agent architecture, providing long-term "memory" and a deep understanding of the context of your projects.

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My view: Game-changer. It's like having a highly knowledgeable team member who is always up-to-date with project activities, reducing the risk of miscommunication and missed deadlines. Biased though as I'm working on this with my team!

Try CollabGPT

4. CodiumAI – Test writing

CodiumAI serves as an AI test-writing assistant. It analyses your code, docstrings, and comments to suggest tests intelligently.

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My view: CodiumAI tackles an essential, often time-consuming part of software development: testing. While many tools focus on writing and optimising code, ensuring that the code works as expected is equally crucial. CodiumAI fills this niche, and its intelligent test generation can significantly increase efficiency and maintain high code quality.

Try CodiumAI

5. Mintlify – Get AI to write docs for you

Hands up – who loves writing coding docs? No? Didn’t think so! Mintlify serves as your team’s technical writer. It reads and interprets your code, turning it into a clear, readable document.

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**My view: **A real winner. We get a better developer experience (no docs!). Our colleagues get delightful, consistent docs.

Try Mintlify

6. Readable AI – Never write comments again

Readable AI automates the process of generating comments for your source code. It's compatible with several popular IDEs, like VSCode, Visual Studio, IntelliJ, and PyCharm, and it can read most languages.

My view: A great way to ensure consistent comments in your code – without actually having to write them!

Try Readable

7. Adrenaline AI – Explain it to me

Adrenaline AI helps you understand your codebase. The tool leverages static analysis, vector search, and advanced language models to clarify how features function and explain anything about it to you.

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**My view: **I love how easy it is to get started. You can even try it without an account. Just head to their site.

Try Adrenaline

8. – Tech debt AI is an automated technical debt management tool. Its prime function is auto-generating pull requests that manage code migrations and dependency upgrades.

**My view: **Grit alleviates a significant portion of the manual work involved in managing migrations and dependency upgrades. They say it 10x’s the process. If that’s even half true, it’s a considerable gain.

Try Grit

9. What The Diff – Your code review partner

What The Diff AI is an AI-powered code review tool. It writes pull request descriptions, scrutinises pull requests, identifies potential risks, and more.

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**My view: **What The Diff is entirely able to significantly speed up development timelines and improve code quality in the long run. It takes a great deal of pain out of the process.

Try What The Diff

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garryhammack profile image
Danny Acton • Edited

That's great! You've provided few popular AI tools across different domains that I may find interesting to explore like, Grammarly, Canva, Google Assistant, Adobe Sensei etc. There are many other AI tools available in different domains which you can browse this site such as marketing, customer service, data analysis, and more. Remember to research and evaluate each tool's features, compatibility, and pricing to ensure they meet your specific needs.

cteyton profile image
Cédric Teyton

Thanks @alexomeyer for this cool list!

I've discovered new tools and I'd be curious to try some of them like CodiumAI.

For the record, may I mention as well Promyze that generates coding practices to be discussed during collective workshops ;)

Cheers and congrats for your content, still cool to read your blog posts!

mahseema profile image
Mahsima Dastan

I also create a list of my favorites as awesome AI tools