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Akram A. Abdelbasir
Akram A. Abdelbasir

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How to add SASS to your project ? 🤔

I added the course road map.

Course Roadmap

The previous post explained what SASS is and why it's preferable to use it rather than CSS. Right now, we are about to learn how to include it in our project.

Browsers won't understand sass files since, as we all know, they only understand HTML, CSS, and JS. Therefore, in order to make it simple for browsers to grasp, we need to compile Sass scripts into CSS files.

Sass files should be compiled to CSS ones.

In the next few lines, we will discuss 3 methods to compile Sass to Css

#1. Command Line

Git illustrate how to install sass

One of the simplest ways to compile Sass into CSS is by using the sass package.

sass can be installed on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, and Unix operating systems. It can also be installed through the Node Package Manager (NPM). The installation process for both methods is quite simple.

To install sass using NPM, we need to install node.js first on our machine, then open the node terminal and follow these steps:

1-Run node --version to confirm that the node has been set up properly.

node --version
> Expected: v16.16.0 or any other version
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2-Install sass

npm install -g sass
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This will download the package from npm's repository and install it globally on your system.

3-Watching sass file

sass -w style.sass style.css
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This will automatically compile style.sass file to style.css file

Congratulate 🎉 you have setup sass successfully.

Now, if you copy & paste this Scss code in your local Scss file

$socails : facebook twitter youtube;
@each $item in $socails {
        background: url('../images/image-#{$item}.png');

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it will be compiled to

.facebook-img {
  background: url("../images/image-facebook.png");

.twitter-img {
  background: url("../images/image-twitter.png");

.youtube-img {
  background: url("../images/image-youtube.png");
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#2 VS Code Extensions

live-sass is one of the most efficient VS code extensions that is used in sass compilation.

live sass vs code extension

#3 Online Compilers

There are some online tools, such as sassMeister that compile Sass without any installs.

sassMeister online compilers

Now, it's time to go deeper with sass. In the next article, we will learn more about sass syntax.

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adkins profile image
Devid Adkins John

Hi Akram, Thanks a lot for this series.

I receive an error message that reads,

cannot find module 'node-sass'

when I attempt to install Node-Sass.

strapi_51 profile image
Strapi Vander

I experience the same issue, too.

ak_ram profile image
Akram A. Abdelbasir

@adkins @strapi_51

Hi Devid, Hi Strapi, I want the best for you both. 
In this video, you can search for the issue. I hope it's beneficial.

Good day, everyone. 🙌

abi0l9 profile image
Monsur Oyedeji

Node-sass has deprecated. You can do:

npm I sass

to get it working.

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ak_ram profile image
Akram A. Abdelbasir

Hello, Monsur! How are you doing?

Your sharing of this knowledge is greatly appreciated. The article was updated. 🙌

Thread Thread
fu91t1v3 profile image

I'm doing good, you're welcome.

tovar_99 profile image
Jorge Tovar

Bro, Your teaching style is effective; it's direct and concise. I love it.

ak_ram profile image
Akram A. Abdelbasir

I appreciate your viewpoint. ❤

bongers profile image
Chris Bongers

Great 💪

ak_ram profile image
Akram A. Abdelbasir