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Kubernetes Patterns : The DaemonService Pattern

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What is a Daemon?
A daemon is a process that runs in the background. Typically, a daemon does not produce visible output to the user; it does not accept inputs. Daemons exist to perform background jobs. For example, in Linux, we have the httpd to respond to HTTP requests, sshd to grant remote users secure remote-shell access. We also have several kernel daemons that do not accept users input; they exist to perform housekeeping and other essential tasks that the kernel needs to function correctly. Sometimes, users may create or install their demons. For example, logrotated is a popular Linux daemon that routinely archives old log files in configurable paths according to user-defined settings. Another example is log shippers (filebeat, fluentd,etc.) that periodically send logs to a log aggregation service like ELK stack for analysis and correlation.
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