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Developer Diaries : Refactor Code!! Noooo.. :'(

afrinc profile image Afrin Chakure Updated on ・1 min read

Every time someone says we need to refactor this code, my stomach burns with pain and ecstasy (...every developer story)

Honestly it feels like rearranging my work desk or tidying up my room or resetting my wardrobe, after a very(..very very.) long time (...okay! just long enough for you to forget what is in there).

First reaction from head - "Why bother at all! It will be a mess again after sometime. It's of no use. Don't touch it, if it ain't breaking. It's good enough." (everybody's good)

Moreover, I do need to clean up because I can't find a nice place for this new set of notebooks that I bought recently and I have no place for this new flower pot. Also it stinks like a dead rat here.(every wardrobe does.)

I have to do it :'(. Then with a heavy heart, I start cleaning... (the code off course, duh! what were you thinking :P ), saying to myself - it will be worth it(..should be). I will thank myself in future for this probably (...very little hope though). Because it comes back again to haunt me (...depends on how much I have cleaned up).

I started small.. started with easy and loose stuff hanging.....


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