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Developer Diaries : Refactor Code!! Noooo.. :'(

Every time someone says we need to refactor this code, my stomach swirls with acids and ecstasy (...welcome to the world of the developers)

Honestly it feels like rearranging my work desk or tidying up my room or resetting my wardrobe, after a very, very, very long time. Just long enough for you to forget what all is in there.

You can still accept to get haunted by a real ghost or climb Everest, if given a choice. But this activity of refactoring code is a nightmare.

"Why bother at all!", a voice says. "It will be a mess again after sometime. Putting efforts will be of no use". And I feel a twinge of anger building up.

"Don't touch it, if it ain't breaking. It's good enough" - I hear myself explaining. "It does satisfy a rule, doesn't it"

But... what about now. I have to add new things. I can't even find a place for these new books, bought recently. Where can I have out this new flower pot on my desk.
Plus it stinks like a dead rat here. How did I let this happen and why?

"I have to do it. I need to do it", said to myself, automatically ditching the plan of watching a series today.

And with a heavy heart, I start to clean. The code off course. (duh! what were you thinking :P ).

"Don't worry. It will be worth it. At least my conscience is aware about it." - I tell myself. "I will thank myself later. Maybe someone else will too, though they may not know, who made it easy for them."

"For sure, I will be an unsung hero." - my sad efforts cried.

I tackled the easy ones first- you know the hanging loose stuffs.


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