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John Dears
John Dears

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Reasons to do pair programming

  • fun
  • better design
  • less bugs
  • more passion
  • natural language flow
  • increases code reuse chance
  • puts your pride to work (faster typing)
  • team bonding
  • easier code reviews
  • faster & cheaper on the medium/long run

&& builds courage

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Sanket Barapatre

In addition, you get to learn new shortcuts from your peer. You learn tricks, commands and aliases you could use. You can compare yourself and get feedback instantly on what you are doing wrong.
Talking to pair also helps you to be conscious of what you are doing, and evaluate your decisions before actually coding which is what saves you a lot of effort.

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Naufan Rusyda Faikar

Great! And for me, to develop peer-to-peer communication as well. Since too many hours with the computer could reduce the humanity side of mine ;)

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John Dears

so true.. and that's what Pair programming does - Preserve the essence of being humans and make sure to put it into our software development process. I guess this what helps in making it more "user-friendly".