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Can you say you are an Expert?

  • One of the greatest dilemmas people face is knowing when to call themselves an expert. Well there are many criterias which includes the quality of experience, one's assertive confidence, and their ability to communicate clearly.

  • Experts, to some level, are able to establish a roadmap for gaining expertise.

  • It's also important to consider one's rapport with their peers or subordinates and well they conduct themselves socially and how well their responses/behavior are accepted by others. I can call it social acceptance rate.

  • Other things to consider include the target audience, improvement rate, and contribution to the community.

  • Experts are those who have a deep knowledge of their subject matter, demonstrate intensity in their thoughts, are vocal in sharing their knowledge, and frequently revise their knowledge to stay current.

  • Becoming an expert is a continuous process that requires dedication and ongoing learning.

  • It's important to set goals and strive to improve in all the areas mentioned above to establish oneself as an expert in a given field.

  • One's persistence and consistency in performance can help anyone become an expert. Later, Recognition follows.

  • The belief that expertise can only be attained through a significant investment of time is a common misconception. Unfortunately, this myth has discouraged many individuals from pursuing their passions and developing their skills.

  • You can never be late to learn anything, thats for sure.

  • Quality, not quantity, is what matters.
    It's sad that the myth of time has become so overwhelming that some people give up before they even start.

As Kang (Marvel fans will know this) rightly said, "Time isn't what you think it is... We can shape it..."**

Well thats pushing us into whole new topic. So period.

Whats your thought? Do you want to be an expert? If yes, in what?

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Thanks for the post, it was helpful for me.