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Terraform: My experience taking the exam

After writing several articles about Terraform I finally felt prepared I took the exam. I am glad that I passed that I passed. Now I am a certified Terraform Associate.

In this final chapter of the series I will tell you about the exam and what I think about it.



Registration for the exam is available on this page. Weird thing about the portal is that it required a Github account. The unfortunate part is that my Github email is different from my personal email tied to Credly where I have all of my certification badges. If you are like me and prefer to have your Credly badges in one place make sure to register a Github account for that email and use it for registering for the exam.

Registration itself is straight forward. You pay $70.50USD and select date and time using PSI portal. After registration you will get an email with required links and you are all set.


Before the Exam

PSI would allow you to access the exam page 30 minutes prior to the exam. In this time you would need to download PSI secure browser which is about 180MB so make sure your internet connection allows for timely. Then you would need to install it and grant the necessary permissions like screen recording, access to camera and microphone.

When you launch PSI browser it will run a check and ask you to close applications that PSI does not allow during exam. For me it asked to close other Browsers and Ipad mirroring service (I didn't even know I had such process running in the background). Closing all those apps will pass the PSI browser checks and you will be presented with the next task.

The browser will ask you to take a picture of your government issued ID and taking sweeping videos of your sitting area (horizontal and vertical).

Once you are done with that you will be connected to the proctor with a new chat window. The proctor will verify your name and the sitting area. He may ask you to show him the table and/or ask you to remove certain items. If he is happy with what he sees he will start the exam.



The exam is 1 hour long and mine had 57 questions in it. All questions were multiple choice and some True/False questions here and there. I was done in about 30 minutes.

After you submit your answers you will be given the result right away.


Thoughts about questions

I passed with a score of 86%. I think I could have done better, but a pass is a pass.

I covered most of the topics for this exam in the series, though some questions threw me off.

This is the list of topics I wish I covered more:

  • Built-in functions
  • CLI commands and available options/flags
  • Workspaces

If you are using this series as a prep for the exam, I would recommend going through official study guide with tutorials to make sure you cover all the bases.



This wraps up this series. I hope you learned something. Good luck!

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