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Bootstrap 5 Alpha is available, Flash Player EOL plans and the 2019 Web Almanac in PDF format | Front End News

Hello everyone and welcome back to another episode of Front End News. I hope you will find the following topics both interesting and useful.

Bootstrap 5 Alpha is now available

Bootstrap is "the world’s most popular front-end open source toolkit", being used by over 25% of the pages that are now live (according to the 2019 Web Almanac published by the HTTP Archive).

Bootstrap v5 homepage

We are now able to take a peek at what is coming up in Bootstrap 5, with the release of the first Alpha version. Bootstrap will no longer depend on jQuery and support for Internet Explorer has been dropped as well. This allows the library to make use of the latest web technologies, like CSS variables, improved JavaScript plugins and many more exciting things.

The v5 also comes with a new documentation site (built with Hugo instead of Jekyll) and a brand new shiny logo. Gone is the "ol’ B in a rounded square", as it is being replaced by the same B in a curly braced square.

Firefox 77 for developers

Firefox 77 rolled out last week and we now got the developer release notes. For example, there is now a Compatibility panel in the Page Inspector that shows the browsers supporting the CSS properties in the page. For more details and the full list of changes, you can check the article linked below.

Adobe publishes the Flash Player EOL General Information Page

Adobe will stop distributing or updating the Flash Player after December 31st. The official recommendation is that all users should uninstall Flash Player before the End of Life date.

The 2019 Web Almanac is now available as a free ebook

You no longer need to be online to use the 2019 Web Almanach. The document is now available as a downloadable PDF file, in both English and Japanese.

Software updates and releases

Here are the updates and releases for this edition. In each case, you can find the full details in the release notes linked down below.

NodeJS v12.18.1

Puppeteer v4.0.0

NuxtJS v2.13.0


tsParticles v1.16.0

Kleur v4.0.0

Interesting things worth having a look at

I also stumbled upon the following news items and I thing they were way too interesting to be ignored, but they were also not fitting in the normal episode structure.

Google opens the submission process for the 2020 Material Design Awards

V8 Research Grant

That's all there is in this edition. If you want a front-row seat to the selection process for the next episode, join me on Twitch every Saturday (go to at 20:00 EEST). I am also working on bringing you new content on the YouTube channel. So you might want to subscribe at Your support is highly appreciated.

Have a great and productive week, keep yourselves safe and I will see you next time!

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