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Adrian Zinko
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Welcome to decentralized management - 100 Days of CSH #2

In today's article I'll explain a bit more about the work management which company I currently work for follows.

In basic term Holacracy is a system for managing a company where employees have the flexibility to take on various tasks and move between teams freely. The organizational structure of a holacracy is rather flat, with there being little hierarchy. Thus I named it decentralized in the title. There are about 200 people working in the company I work for and this system is working well so far (it's been actually more than 3 years since the change).

Holacracy organization structure

Unlike traditional management, power is not given to people or positions, but to roles and circles.
There are four roles that make up the basic structure. They are: Lead Link, Rep Link, Facilitator and Secretary. I'll describe each of them throughout the next articles.

⏬ Daily progress check update ⏬

According to the work I've done on the first day:

  • I've practiced some Ankies (general stuff about js fullstack),
  • I've add some Ankies (general stuff about holacracy),
  • I've spent some time researching sources I can share with my fiance who apparently wants to start learning more about programming
  • I've planned to introduce her to the 'Hello, World' by designing simple web game, we'll try to make this as pair-programming session (more on that in the next articles)
  • I've created 1 article on

Tomorrow I'm going to:

  • Spend at least 1 full hour our focusing on my project
  • Spend at least 25 mins preparing flashcards on holacracy topic
  • Spend at least 25 mins preparing flashcards on fullstack topic
  • Study at least 20 Anki flashcards
  • Spend at least 1 hour on Stephen Grider course on Udemy
  • Read 1 full article on
  • Read book for at least 30 mins - the confidence gap (from page 130) - yep, didn't happen yesterday πŸ˜‰

Are you working in a company with the same (or similar) structure, or it's totally different in your case?
Are you happy with it or is there anything that you'd likely change if it depended on you?

See you tomorrow! Happy weekend! 🌴

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