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Tech Exceptions new Episode - Stop wasting your time with Old-School Logging

Adi Polak
1 out of 25 influential women in Software Development according to Apiumhub. I am a software developer who would like to learn more!
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🎙️ Jonah Kowall, CTO of, joins Adi Polak to discuss his career path transition from engineering, an analyst at Gartner and all the way to becoming CTO of recently closed the latest funding round which brings the total capital raised to a whopping $120 + million greens 🤑 .
That includes $74 million raised over the last 18 months. That amount of available capital allows the company to accelerate product development initiatives around AI and Machine Learning, expand headcount and propel go-to-market activities around the globe.

📊 Fun fact, is built on Open Source alone, they built the platform to be completely cloud-agnostic.
However, for their machine learning purposes, they use Bing Search API to enrich the data, which gives you 1000 transactions free per month to search for images, news, videos, visuals, and general web search.

If you are interested to learn how to deploy ELK (Elastic, Logstash, and Kibana) stack on Azure, check this link here.


Grab your favorite drink and get ready to be enlightened ✨

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Hi, you'll love the ObjectiveSQL.

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