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Tech Exceptions new Episode - From Open Source to Multi B$$$ IPO

Adi Polak
1 out of 25 influential women in Software Development according to Apiumhub. I am a software developer who would like to learn more!
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When JFrog started 12 years ago, they were built on the founders' open source project. They were among the first startups to believe that a company can be built and make money while sharing free code. Some years later, they IPOed at a valuation of $6.36 Billion. which is an incredible number for the startup community.

JFrog is collaborating closely with Microsoft, on both the business side and the technical side.
JFrog Artifactory hosted on Microsoft Azure is a solution for developers and DevOps engineers that provides complete control, insight, and binary management throughout the software development lifecycle. DevOps teams have transparency and control of their entire build and release process, all with the power of cloud-based development.

Read here to learn more about Azure Artifacts.

Recently we interviewed Casey O'Mara who is an active board member of the CNCF (Cloud Native Computing Foundation), previously worked for AWS and Microsoft as an architect, and today, he is the JFrog VP of Business Development.

Curious what Casey had to say about Open Source? Watch the interview here:

We hope you will enjoy it and happy to take your career and startup questions at @adipolak and @TechExceptions

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