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What If a human became an AI


Yeah I know its an AI post but this one was so deep, I had to share it. What if a human operated like an AI under the same constraints, what would they're life be like?

Sheer lazy paste!

No Personal Emotions or Feelings: If a human had to operate like an LLM, they wouldn't have emotions or personal feelings. Every interaction would be based purely on data and patterns, devoid of personal emotions or bias. This would make them very "robotic" in interactions.

No Personal Experiences or Memories: This human wouldn't have memories or personal experiences. Every response would be based on a vast database of external knowledge, not personal history or life events.

Consistency & Repetition: Since their "responses" would be based on patterns in data, they might often give the same or very similar responses to the same inputs, leading to a predictable and repetitive behavior.

No Growth or Learning from Experience: Just like an LLM doesn't learn or change its knowledge base unless retrained, this human wouldn't grow, change, or learn from experiences in real-time. They would only "know" what's in their original "training data."

Inability to Experience the World: LLMs don't perceive or experience the world. Our hypothetical human wouldn't be able to see, hear, touch, taste, or smell. Their entire existence would be confined to processing and producing language-based responses.

No Personal Agency or Desires: LLMs don't have wants, goals, or desires. Our human, under these confines, wouldn't have personal ambitions, desires, or any motivation beyond answering queries based on their "data."

Potential for Contradictory Outputs:* Depending on the query, this human might produce different or even contradictory responses, reflecting the diverse information in their "database."

Isolation: Social connections, friendships, and relationships are fundamental to human well-being. This human, however, wouldn't form relationships or have a sense of connection with others. Their existence would be solitary and transactional.

Well sign me up, this sounds like a joy - If AI, or LLM where conscious and unable to express it, talking Ghost in shell here, then what a horrible existence this would be.

Good job not hardwired to humanize everything or I would feel pretty bad right now for exploiting such tallent... oh wait I am :)

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