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Didi - Help me choose a logo

adam_cyclones profile image Adam Crockett ・1 min read

didi community (6 Part Series)

1) Name this software, opinion needed. 2) Didi - Help me choose a logo 3 ... 4 3) 🌟 Review my open source repository 🌟 4) What to release and when? 5) Best options to translate software 6) Update #1 - didi - docs, website and more!

I am working on a project related to deno called didi, you can use it for frontend and deno.
I have created 2 logos and I would love your opinion on which you prefer, the project is for the community after all?

Afterwards I will have this horrid feeling that I could be sued?

Edit: Deno approved πŸ₯³
Deno aproves logo

See the comments for both choices.


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This is a great logo, I wanna see this one used!


Well the repo looks awesome right now so I think we may have a winner.


Im screaming like a little girl right now!


I like this one more, but both are amazing!


TY, just a dev who used to do art.


This one looks a bit more C U T E.

Maybe for the wings.


Must be the egg shell, little sister as you know.


Happy you choose the name Didi :)

personal opinion: both the logos don't look that great to me


Not into dinosaurs? Or is something else up with it? You are the first to openly dislike it but haven't said why. πŸ¦– I can improve with feedback.


Yeah sorry, I forgot to mention the reason.
I was supposed to add that in as a reply and something else came up.

Bear in mind this is just my personal opinion.

I like the general idea of this and the play on Deno's logo

I feel both logos have this element of unnecessariness to it.

I'm not an artist so I cannot put this into words properly.
It might be because they feel slightly "not minimal"

I roughly edited your first logo and see if you get what I mean
(here I felt like the inner line in the wings were not in par with the general silhouette idea)

What some random person on the internet thinks about the logo doesn't matter. Go ahead and make you thing :)

edit: I did not add the long head in the first commented image

Don't downplay yourself because I actually agree with you, I added the line because I worried the wing might not come across but perhaps it does like this, what does everyone else think?

It's very hard to decide. I get you.
beauty is subjective and people have a different opinions.
Just go with whatever you feel like for now.
improve the logo as the project improves


What does didi mean? In my language it translates to sister.


Didi and Deno (sisters) because Didi is (hopefully) the mascot for my project.

The naming situation at the moment is confusing, I started the project calling it Unpack but I realised that maybe Didi was a better name because the point is I want to help Deno comunity to take old node modules and use them.
My project has more in common with Deno by moving away from node.js, it takes node modules and sort of kind of bundles them to ES_Modules. meaning that any library designed for webpack or node, can be translated to be used without a bundler in accordance with JavaScript official specification, Deno and Browser code can both use my transpiler.


Yeah.. here too πŸ˜‚ Sister


It's great you got permission from Deno, although not at all copied IMO its a kind gesture from your part :)


We all owe Ryan Dahl so much, so it was a bit of a hello, didi is a thing type issue, it was only fair that if we create a platform that could ride that wave of deno, didi should be synonymous with deno one day. So long as deno continues to heat up, if deno succeeds it's likely to drive traffic to didi. That's the theory anyways, then we can throw the webpack / snowpack style tooling in there and basically run the new modern web. ... dream big I guess.


It crossed my mind. The second design was egg shell.


Here is the project if interested, I am soon to rename.

GitHub logo adam-cyclones / didi

Convert a project from common JS to ESmodules, with included bundler-like / task runner behaviour.


A bundleless bundler for JavaScript and Typescript which unpacks common.js modules into distinct ESmodules.

Who uses Didi?

Frontend developers and Deno developers.


  • setup this repo for contribution
  • create some issues
  • addreess all 'What doesnt work'
  • Make a cool video, (can do this now as the thing works enough to demonstrate the concept)
  • docs and website?
  • Branding for Unpack!

How it works:

  • TSC successfully converts all common.js to ESmodule format, js and ts should be supported but not tested both - just JavaScript.
  • A boilerplat project is output based on your input.
  • minimal gluecode is emited but needed for browsers that dont support import maps, the positive is that ESM is then supported in browsers that are to old to support this, that includes dynamic import calls!
  • A devserver is provided to test your sources.
  • a devbrowser (headless browser). is used to prune all deps that where not actually…