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My Wedding Guestbook

I'm working on my own wedding website, Its a unique position to be in to have a website with paper invites but that is the only way my guests will be able to RSVP


The idea is to have 30 guests each with a unique URL, most are not tech literate, we need this to be so easy your granny could do it.

I have approx 30 allow listed URL path params in the RSVP form URL already, you cannot signup to attend for obvious reasons. The URL identifies the guest and renders a form to complete dietary requirements etc.

On the paper invite the URL will be a QRCode as well as the link and a few other ways to RSVP in the invite. so Its possible to think of this as SSO

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The problem

When a guest visits the website, I also want to show an RSVP button on the Home page, this is the challenge, because it has no assigned guest

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Now that means I need to render a bunch of guest names and allow the user to honestly select a guest.... but honest and web invites murder, for example my guest hates another guest and removes the shellfish allergy from their booking... so we cant just let 30 people edit each other. I need some way of authenticating them but Im not going to hold their passwords or username, OAuth might be needed, I almost want them to arrive on the website and be automatically recognized.

Anyway thanks and I look forward to your thoughts,

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Ben Halpern

If I understand correctly… Once they’ve come to the website via their unique URL, you could store their info via cookie/localstorage (whichever is simplest given that this seems like a low-key security situation)

Then you can manipulate the home page RSVP to permanently be the unique one. If they come back directly to the home page from a different browser or context you could display a message asking them to scan their card.

… I’m not sure that’s what you want but maybe that’s a starter scenario?

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Adam Crockett πŸŒ€

I’ve used social engineering to get around the problem of guests editing each other, instead of a unique URL and QR code all the invites get a OTP style 2 digit number called a personal guest number or a PGN pronounced β€œpuggnuh” the number is just their unique ID and when entered it will lookup that page in notion and return the pages properties such as guest details.

There is a form at /rsvp for entering that or the direct url.

It’s of course not actually authentication and perhaps I should refine my idea further

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