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Helpful Laravel open source projects

I sometimes refer to open source projects during development.

Currently I am developing Laravel application, so I am collecting some projects built with Laravel.

When I developed with Ruby on Rails, I referred to GitLab. I need such projects.



This is the most popular repository I found.

Koel is a personal music streaming service built with Laravel + Vue.js.

It has Beautiful website and has almost 9,000 stars in GitHub (April, 2018).

Koel uses Laravel 5.4, Vue.js 2.5, and Yarn, and follows library updates.

When we build single page application with Laravel + Vue.js, Koel is really helpful.

Note: Koel doesn't use Vuex, so we cannot refer about it.

Evan You, the creator of Vue.js, mentioned in his post:


Unifiedtransform is a School Management and Accounting Software.

It based Laravel 5.5 and API support with Laravel/Passport, so if you want to create API server, the code might be helpful.


Free & Opensource Laravel CRM solution for SMEs and Enterprises for complete customer lifecycle management.

It structures code with mono-repo system using Composer's PSR4 loader. It even splits frontend stuff like Vue into these directories.

The project seems to started six month ago, so latest Laravel features must be included.

October CMS

October CMS is a content management system built with Laravel 5.5.
I would like this to replace Wordpress :|

October CMS divides its functions to multiple modules:

  • october/backend (utils extending Illuminate)
  • october/system
  • october/cms
  • october/rain

If we go with this style, we can refer to October CMS well.


Bagisto is an open Source Laravel eCommerce project. It looks actively maintained.

Bagist use multiple packages within one repository, like Monorepo, so you can find good features from it.

Laracommerce is the community website of Laravel developer. If you are a Laravel developer, you must have ever seen the website.

It contains a lot of helpful features:

  • Deploy with Envoyer + Circle CI 2.0
  • Clean controller with dispatchNow
  • BDD with phpspec


As the name suggests, Vuedo is a blog system with Vue.js.

Vuedo has unit & feature testing, so we can use it as a reference of robust application.

According to author's blog post, Vue.js Feed is made with Vuedo.

Monica says that Monica is:

Intuitive web application to remember everything about your friends and family.

Monica has a feemium service, so we may trust the code. Especially, it has 2-factor authentication.

I personally like author's spirit for open source in

Laravel Project with Vue2 and Element

Example app using Element UI, Vue.js UI library.


We can refer how to divide API and Web route in Laravel 5.3.

After Laravel 5.4, they are divided by default, but before 5.4 we should divide route manually.

Laravel Best Practices

This is not a project, but we can find a lot of best practices here.

I will continue to edit this post while I find good projects.

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Hasib Mahmud • Edited

Hi Kaz,

My open source project is featured on Laravel News. You may check it out.

Direct link:

acro5piano profile image
Kay Gosho • Edited

Thank you and congratulation, Hasib!

That's awesome. I've added your project!

changeweb profile image
Hasib Mahmud

Thank you.

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Saurav Pathak

Hi Kaz,

This is a wonderful collection of Open Source Project. Could you also review Open Source Laravel eCommerce project and if possible add that in your post.

acro5piano profile image
Kay Gosho

Hi Saurav,

Thank you for tell me the awesome project! I've added Bagist to the list!

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Saurav Pathak

Thank You Kaz

theme_selection profile image

Hello Kaz,

We recently launched Materio Free Vuetify VueJS Laravel Admin Template.. It is an open source VueJS Laravel Admin Template.

Here is the GitHub Repo:

It would be great if you can add it too the list.
Thank You.

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almokhtar bekkour

Thank you

emeidea profile image

Another interesting proyect is Laravel FREE E-Commerce Software

acro5piano profile image
Kay Gosho

Thank you for your comment!

I saw the repository and found it really helpful, active, and robust example!

pathaksaurav profile image
Saurav Pathak

Hi Kaz,

Could you add this:


Free & Opensource Laravel CRM solution for SMEs and Enterprises for complete customer lifecycle management.

acro5piano profile image
Kay Gosho

Added. That's awesome!

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Joe Palala

Thanks for mentioning LaravelBestPractices :) While the laravel docs are awesome, laravelbestpractices helps solidify when to use which for what.