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Guys! Learn Git!

acoustic_code profile image Ted Lu github logo ・1 min read  

Alrighty, guys, this will be a super short post, cuz I am just trying to make a challenge called #learn-git-in-an-hour, yes, learn it in an hour, I just finished it and hope this challenge can give you the courage to learn git, good luck!
(If you finished, remember to comment below!)

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Is there a dedicated page available for the challenge ⁉


Sorry no, this is just a dumb challenge haha


Pretty sure one hour isn't near enough to learn git besides git clone and git commit :D


Huh I learned from git --version to git push, not a problem


That's the great thing about git! It CAN do about 1000 things, but most of the time you only need it to do three or four things. I use git at my job every day, and I can probably count the commands I use on two hands.

  • status
  • push
  • pull
  • commit
  • branch
  • checkout
  • add
  • merge?

Yes git is easy to learn, but if you really want to learn all the commands, uh oh


I work with git (on a daily basis) for more than 18 months now in a project of 6 people and I can tell I do not understand git the way I'd like to. I'll let you know when I'm done...

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