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Abanoub Hanna
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Why I Prefer Start Application Menu Over The Menu Screen?

I used Windows with its start menu which occupy some part of the screen on the left side not the whole screen. I used also Mac OS X with its menu screen which occupy the whole screen, and used Ubuntu and other GNOME desktop environment Linux distros whose menu occupy all the screen. Finally I used Elementary OS which has a menu w/ search and categorized apps on the left top bar. It is great. The Elementary OS Start Menu is the best implementation of the menu, so I prefer it.

One of the main advantages of the desktop / laptop computers is the ability to do multitasking easily without any compromise. But the whole screen menu is a REAL awful compromise. I love the start menu of the Elementary OS (pantheon desktop environment) and the Windows OS start menu. They are great.

I can search and/or open another app while seeing the current apps on the screen. It is really focusing on getting all things done. When I use smartphone or tablet, I prefer whole screen menu. But on laptop or desktop computers, I prefer the start menu not that huge unnecessary all screen menu!

I was happy when Microsoft changed their menu on Windows 10 to be similar to Windows 7 not Windows 8.1 because in Windows 8.1 they made it a whole screen menu. I love when you revert back to your wise decisions. I hope Ubuntu create a menu similar to elementary OS menu which will be great.

This blog post is one of my own opinions on design concepts for all software I use. See you next blog post.

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Idan Arye

IDK - I think it's OK for the application launcher to occupy the entire screen, because it's not something you usually keep open. You open it, navigate to whatever you want to launch, pick it - and the the launcher closes. During that entire time your attention is focused on the application launcher, so there is no need for other things to be available and the launcher can occupy as much screen real estate as it needs.

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Abanoub Hanna • Edited

That's ok for some people but I am not one of those people. Any way, your opinion is respected :)