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Highly Opinionated Software Are Better!!!

I used to be a developer for Web and Android and Windows Desktop. In my Tech journey with all the software and hardware I used and practiced on I got a notice! a WEIRD NOTICE! This weird notice is that the opinionated tech things are always better than the alternative general ones.Yeah.. it's weird!

When something built with a specific defined philosophy in mind, everything will be coherent, smooth, great to use. This philosophy behind the product made the great deal between the client/customer and the product/service.

This type of products or services are called HIGHLY OPINIONATED things. I love those highly opinionated software because they are great for the people who have the same opinion/philosophy/goals as the creator of the product/service.

When I am looking for a product to buy, I look around for all opinionated manufactured things. Then I think about the opinion or philosophy behind that product. If I am into that philosophy/opinion, I buy that product immediately.

Google Search Engine is a highly opinionated service. Google defines how the search results rank for a keyword (search term). The ranking factor are opinionated to give the user the most relevant results. Google search is better than any other search engine out there!

There are too many opinionated products such as iPhone, iPad, iMac (Mac OS X in general), Angular Framework, Go Programming Language, Ubuntu Linux, Elementary OS, .. and so on.

You do not need to agree with all opinionated products or services. But when you agree with one opinionated product or service, you should definitely buy that product or subscribe to that service. You'll enjoy it.

I write posts every week about programming and my opinions. If you want to get my new posts, keep in touch with me on ValueInBrief blog.

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