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Why I Prefer Sidebar Menu?

I used operating systems with themes which contain a menu as a bottom bar (Windows taskbar), or a menu as a bottom dock / stage (Mac OS X), and a menu as a sidebar like Ubuntu Linux. Which implementation is better?

I always have too many things as a timeline which scroll vertically and the horizontal zone are not fully useful. There is non-used space in both sides. So I think the Ubuntu implementation of the sticky menu of the operating system is the best implementation. Why?

When I write posts on a blog I occupy almost half of the screen. when I want multitasking I open two programs side by side to use that non-used horizontal space. It is good to give the bottom space to the content too. When you use a screen in portrait mode, you'll be happy with a bottom menu/dock/bar, but when you use a laptop or tablet in a landscape mode (the default mode), you'll enjoy the sidebar menu more.

This blog post is one of my own opinions about design decisions and design concepts of software I use. See you next blog.

P.S: I know that I can change the placement of the dock/bar but I am talking about the default decision which the majority of users will adapt to and be used to.

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