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React Native Mobile Apps, Working With React Navigation Auth, Supabase, And React Hook Form

In this React Native Tutorial video we add a form for login and use React Hook Form to manage the form and yup for form validation. We use the form data to call the Supabase signIn function to authenticate the user.

There are a few special libraries from npm that are used to make all this work and we cover them all in the video. Specifically we needed an AsyncStorage library and dotEnv, a library to manage local environment variable for the application

Join me on my journey of refreshing my memory with React Native and building mobile applications

Video Series - React Native Refresher

Part 1 - Intro to Working with React-Navigation -
Part 2 - React Navigation Drawer Navigator And Authentication Flow -
Part 3 - Authentication And Supabase Login -
Part 4 - Authentication, Supabase, And React Hook Form -
Part 5 - Supabase Create Account, And React Hook Form -
Part 6 - Expo Camera, Supabase Buckets and Image Upload -


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