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Firebase For Beginner : #1 Introduction

Hello reader,
If you are a beginner developer then please read this , I will show you an amazing tool that will help you and your project to grow faster.
And it is very simple and no advance knowledge needed.
So if you are a beginner and are planning to develop an app which require database or storage or any server and you don't know any thing about server side programming then this is for you.

It's Google's Firebase!

Firebase is an amazing tool for your project. It provides lot of features for free and it will also reduce your time to code complex systems. Let say you want to develop an user login system then it will take a lot of time to develop. You have to check email address , check password, and also important thing is the security of users account and your system. But Firebase will do this for you in just few lines of code and few minutes.
Now lets see some advantages of using firebase.

Advantages of using Firebase

Easy to use

Firebase is the most easy tool to use. Its simple dashboard will help you to navigate and find things easily. Firebases clean UI is the thing which attracts the beginners. There is no cmd or no code to get started Its just GUI. In few click you can host a website ,create a database, create user authentication system.

High Security

Firebase is backed by Google And everybody knows the security of google. You don't need to secure your app you just focus on developing and firebase will take care of security. The data transfer is firebase is by default encrypted so you don't need to make or use an encryption algorithm And this is again one more advantage of firebase there fore developers prefer using it .

No downtime

If you are setting up your own server then you have to take care of lot of things and one of it is server crash or down for maintenance . If you are using firebase then there is almost no downtime it is available 24x7 and one again if do it by yourself it will cost hell lot of money and time.

Detailed Documentation

The documentation of firebase is so good that you have not to go anywhere or watch any tutorial. You can read documentation and understand everything about firebase its that simple.

Cross Platform

One of the important feature of firebase is that it is cross platform means it support almost every platform and almost every language. So you don't need to learn a new language for firebase.

Features of Firebase

1.Realtime database
2.Web hosting


If you are a beginner in this field and want to experience how backend system works then firebase is a great start. Firebase is so easy you just need a google account and you are ready to go. You can launch you app within few minutes with firebase. And almost all features of firebase are free initially.

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