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Stephanie Eckles
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Reusable CSS "Sticker" Effect

Inspired by Jason Lengstorf’s “Boop” graphic, I was curious if I could reproduce the sticker-like appearance with only CSS.

I got very close, then asked for help on Twitter where Lynn Fisher saved the day thanks to her expertise in CSS art. Taking cues from her adjustments and a comment from Adam Kuhn, I extended it to a reusable .sticker class.

Check it out to learn how to use the following modern CSS properties:

  • CSS variables
  • Grid - “It’s not just for page layout, kids!”
  • clamp for fluid type sizing relational to the viewport
  • Gradient text created with -webkit-background-clip and -webkit-text-fill-color
  • Solid text borders with -webkit-text-stroke

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vaibhavkhulbe profile image
Vaibhav Khulbe

Wow, never used clamp before. Looks like an interesting property! Great work 🔥

davey profile image

Wow, that's amazing that you can do that with CSS. Thanks for sharing.

nyxtom profile image
Tom Holloway 🏕 • Edited

CSS variables are awesome. Nice work!

negue profile image

what a nice effect 👀

jlrxt profile image
Jose Luis Ramos T.

Saludos y gracias.

thotakura profile image
Suresh Thotakura

Very nice.