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Stephanie Eckles
Stephanie Eckles

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Announcing 12 Days of Web is a year-end celebration of fundamental web technologies: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Between December 13-24, I'll be releasing a new article. You can subscribe to receive daily email updates so you don't miss one!

You're sure to learn something new about web technologies, and hopefully even be surprised about what the native web can offer. We'll be covering HTML elements you may not have used, web APIs you may have missed, and modern CSS features that you can start using today.

Head over to to subscribe, and please share this project!

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Hey! I'm Stephanie Eckles @5t3ph, author of,, 11ty.Rocks, and more open source resources for front-end developers.

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Vaibhav Khulbe

Thanks for this, I just subscribed!