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Announcing Modern CSS Challenges

Over the past few years, I've heard feedback that folks wish there was a learning journey available for using the Modern CSS tutorials to build up their CSS skills.

Today I'm very excited to share the pre-launch of Modern CSS Challenges - an educational companion to the tutorials available on! This free series of challenges will push you to use your existing CSS knowledge while also expanding your awareness and ability to use modern CSS features.

I've created this resource as guided practice for building very real-world components. You'll work on responsive design, using custom properties, building scalable layouts, and more. All the while ensuring that you're including features critical for accessibility.

⭐️ As you progress through the challenges, bonus challenges will be unlocked to learn advanced skills and practice cutting-edge CSS.

While free challenges include access to the basic solution, I'm also creating a thorough video series that you'll be able to purchase either per challenge or as package deals. Videos will include full transcripts with code snippets so you can opt to read the content, too.

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I'm working through fine-tuning the challenge content and videos, and hope to launch in the next couple months!

I'll also be sharing a discount code for the videos and offering early access via my newsletter.

PS - are you looking for hands-on learning to update your CSS skills? Join my comprehensive virtual CSS workshop starting July 11! Register and learn more about the workshop.

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Nick Taylor

Jake Peralta from Brooklyn Nine Nine saying Hella Fresh!

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Suzanne Aitchison


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Josh Humble

Looks fantastic - thanks for this, Stephanie!

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Alvaro Montoro

Nice 🙂

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Sarthak Pati

Awesome 😎

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🚩 Atul Prajapati 🇮🇳


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Gulshan Zaman Khan