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Stephanie Eckles
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Have you seen all 30 Style Stage themes?

Style Stage is a modern CSS showcase styled by community contributions, and is open to developers of all skill levels to submit a stylesheet.

As noted in the tweet below, Style Stage reached a big milestone today with 30 stylesheet themes now available!

Style Stage launched just over a month ago on July 10, and I'm grateful for the community's support in addition to the top-notch creativity that each author has brought to the project.

Check out all the styles, there are many things to be learned about modern CSS features such as:

  • CSS grid layout
  • Flexbox
  • gradients
  • CSS animation
  • typography
  • CSS custom variables
  • ... and more!

Comment with your favorites! I look forward to receiving your submission soon πŸ˜‰

Top comments (5)

clifton893 profile image
Clifton Long Jr.

I love it! Super creative site! :D

5t3ph profile image
Stephanie Eckles

Thanks! Maybe you'll make a submission? πŸ˜‰

petee profile image

Great website :)
Barebones style is so crazy
Transparency too :)