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Tuesday’s Tip – Twitter Accounts to Follow

Not knowing where to join in the conversation can be hard, here are some developer-related Twitter accounts that might help you get started.


I first met Suz Hinton when I was working at Zappos and then I got to see her present. Hands down she is one of the best presenters I've seen. Currently she's working at Stripe on the developer tools but she also does some cool stuff with IoT.


Ashley Willis is Lead of Developer Relations at Microsoft Azure and really into Golang too.


Ali Spittel is Lead Developer Advocacy for AWS Amplify.


Emma Bostian is a software engineer at Spotify and creator of a course on tech interviews.


Whykay is a community organizer focused on diversity in tech.


Former full-time software developer, now program manager at Microsoft.


Jeff Atwood is co-founder of StackOverflow and


Joel Spolsky is founder of Fog Creek Software, Trello, Stack Overflow, Glitch, and


Dan AbramDan Abramov is a software engineer at Facebook and co-creator of Redux.


Chris Dixon former entrepreneur and now tech advisor and investor.

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