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Tuesday’s Tip – Career-Stalling Habits

It can be easy to get yourself in a rut, but if you're aiming to advance and nurture your career, you need cultivate these common habits.

Career-Building Habits

  • Learn new things
    • Employers love to see developers pushing themselves to learn new frameworks, languages, or techniques and will reward initiative (or another employer will).
  • Read relevant blogs
    • Keep up to date with your industry and current position by reading relevant blogs so that you’re not blind-sided by a new technology, language, framework, or trend.
  • Engage with other developers
    • Networking and engaging with other developers via social media or Meetups will help you stay apprised of current trends and news.
  • Improve your skills
    • Don’t too comfortable in your current position without working to improve your skills continually, or you risk becoming irrelevant, the industry having passed you by.

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