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The Best Way To Learn JavaScript – 100Days of JavaScript

Hello, my name is zino and I am a web developer.
I started learning JavaScript a few years back and at first, I didn’t like the language. It seemed like there was too much theory to understand before one could really understand JavaScript enough to build decent projects.
So, I got discouraged and left it.
But a few months later, I heard someone say that the best way to learn JavaScript is to first learn the fundamentals and then, start building projects.
I decided to try this approach to learning JavaScript.
Initially, it was hard because I didn’t yet know how to think like a programmer and break problems into small pieces, but after a while, I started to gain clarity with JavaScript

Since then I have built 100’s of projects with JavaScript.
Here is a list of JavaScript Projects you can build:

  1. Counter App
  2. Random Hex Color Generator
  3. Random Number Generator
  4. Modal/Popup
  5. Palindrome Checker
  6. Vowel Counter App
  7. Click to Copy
  8. Google Drive Download Link Generator
  9. Weather App
  10. Input Field Character Counter
  11. Lyrics Search App
  12. Internet Connection Status Detector
  13. Quiz App
  14. Music player
  15. HTTP Request Project
  16. Random Quote Generator
  17. List Search Project
  18. Date Countdown
  19. Time Countdown
  20. Tip Calculator
  21. Smooth Scroll Effect
  22. Sticky Nav Bar on Scroll
  23. Active Menu Switcher
  24. Responsive Mobile Menu
  25. Responsive Mobile Menu with Submenu
  26. Page Scroll Indicator
  27. Newsletter Form on Scroll
  28. Password Generator
  29. Simple ToDo App
  30. Todo App with Local Storage
  31. Notes App
  32. BMI Calculator
  33. Calculator
  34. Digital Clock
  35. Weight Converter
  36. Temperature Converter
  37. Running Game
  38. Word Count Tool
  39. Accordion
  40. Async Await - Random Joke Generator
  41. Speech to text app
  42. GitHub Profile Search App
  43. Wikipedia Search App
  44. Image Slider
  45. Lyrics App
  46. Product Filter
  47. Product Carousel Slider
  48. Vertical Tabs
  49. Count Up App
  50. Form Validation These are some projects you can try out.

I created a course titled 100 Days of JavaScript that can help you sharpen your JavaScript skills by building a project everyday for 100Days.

Feel free to check it here - 100 Days of JavaScript

Thanks for reading.

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