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Ewomazino Akpareva
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JavaScript is hard – We made it easy

Hey friends,
Today I just want to talk a bit about my JavaScript journey and the frustration I experienced when I started learning JavaScript and what I have done to make it easy for beginners.

My first hands-on experience with JavaScript was in 2015 (I think) and I hated it so much that I abandoned it and started learning PHP, which I found more appealing at that time.

To me, it seemed like

  1. There was a disconnect between what instructors were teaching and the real experience of building projects. (Much of that has changed now)
  2. I also felt like information was scattered all over the internet and going through the trouble of searching and finding well-crafted information was overwhelming as a beginner.

Today I have created and published two courses on JavaScript and I sincerely believe if any beginner takes both courses, they can confidently start learning ReactJS or any other JavaScript Framework.

Here they are with my Discount code for Less than $10

  1. Modern JavaScript Bootcamp for Beginners:

  2. 100 Days of JavaScript:

I look forward to being a part of your Tech Journey.

Thanks for reading this article.
if you enjoyed it, feel free to connect with me:


Twitter: @ZinoTrust

YouTube: ZinoTrust Academy

GitHub: ZinoTrust

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