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5 security blogs you should follow

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Computer security is an interesting field because almost every day there is something to read or write about from malware attacks, security breaches, phising, zero-day vulnerabilities just to name a few.

There are folks out there that dedicate their time to ensure we are kept up to date about what's going on in this field. Some are researchers working independently and publishing on their website and others work in company and sometimes publish under a group name e.g. Unit42 of Palo Alto Networks.

This post is a quick rundown of my personal recommendations on security blogs that is going to worth your time.

In descending order let's begin

5. Krebs on Security

When it comes to security news and investigation you'll definitely come across the name "Brian Krebs". Krebs mostly cover news and investigations about incidents that affect the daily lives of people from phone scam, COVID-19, swim swapping e.t.c

One of my favorite post is the story of Anna Senpai the alleged author of the Mirai worm.


Securityweek covers Information Security News, IT Security News and Cybersecurity Insights.

Most of the post you'll find on Securityweek are written experts in their respective fields.

3. naked security by SOPHOS

If you want the latest about company fixing bugs in their software or some malicious application in the Google Play Store they have it all.

2. The Hacker News

Originally authored by Mohit Kumar. The Hacker News covers most of the stuff you can think of in computer and IT security.

Their latest post at the time writing is entitled: New Malware Jumps Air-Gapped Devices by Turning Power-Supplies into Speakers.

1. Schneier on Security

In the field of computer security and cryptography Bruce Schneier needs no introduction. Have you ever heard of Blowfish cipher? Well he designed it back in 1993.

That's it for now, until next time.

Edit (May 15th, 2020): Moved cover photo credit to the beginning of the post.

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