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Mini-Program, FTW?

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If you haven't experienced WeChat you might not hear of mini-program. It's a sub-application in WeChat ecosystem.

In 90% of the time I work on backend development, mini program development is new to me, just got my hands on it this week.

Here is McDonald's order mini program.

Order McDonald's

A mini-program can be developed on Mac or Windows as the toolkits are available for only these two.

It usually contains

  • WXML, defines how the UI looks like.
  • WXSS, WeChat style sheet.
  • JS/TS, defines business logic.
  • Configs, define how it should run.

Similar to Web UI project except it uses some WeChat defined tags and API. Comparing to native apps, it's more lightweight. Check out the reference here

Unfortunately, the documents have poor globalization support. Most of the documents are originally written in Chinese. Well, they are improving it, English version can be found here.

Interested? Try it out🙃

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