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I have the worst setup ever

  1. Laptop Lenovo - for work purposes. Strongest/fastest of the bunch. Strictly coding and development. (Learning on the go). Arch/Ubuntu

  2. Laptop HP - learning purposes, presentations. Windows, 6 years old machine.

  3. Tablet older iPad. Presentations mainly. Some reading.

  4. RPi 3 - Playing at home. Self hosted GitLab, Streaming services, the drills.

  5. Xiaomi Mi A1 - Standard phone usage + the only device on which I play games... My game station.

I play on my phone each morning and night for fun. In the middle I spend all the time on the Lenovo coding. When I need to learn something or present something I uses the HP or iPad. That is once, sometime twice a month.

RPi is there when I need to sit down with a glass of apple juice and some learning videos like South Park or The Simpsons

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