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How many computers do you use?

Do you do everything on one laptop you carry around with you? Or do you have a laptop and a desktop? Can you describe your various setups? Do you have flex devices like tablets? How do you divide your time between your phone and bigger screens?

Just want to chat on this subject.

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Debashis Dip

Primarily I have 3 computers to be exact.
1) An Intel i7 gaming rig running windows 10.
I can not lie about this one. The core reason I built this workstation is mostly out of love for gaming. This one has two 22inch displays for working purpose and it usually runs windows 10 + Debian for windows for the lite working purpose, and I have a backup HDD with Linux mint installed so that I can use it in any kind of emergency.

2) Macbook pro-2017
I mostly use it because I am balancing my life between university and job where I need to work every possible hour that I can, And this machine lets me work from university library very easily.
The reason I picked MBP was that sometimes I need to use Xcode.

3) Acer potato laptop
I bought this at a time when I had less money and I needed to work outside of my home. Bought the cheapest laptop that I could find and upgraded its ram. Currently, it does nothing except for being a media server.

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Ben Halpern Author

The reason I picked MBP was that sometimes I need to use Xcode.

Apple really handcuffs developers with this.

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Pavel Razgovorov

Unless you build a Hackintosh 😉

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Debashis Dip

my previous pc had a unsupported cpu. tried to build one with the current pc, and failed.. seems to be some kind of problem with graphics driver 😶

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Pavel Razgovorov

Which GPU do you have? Or is it integrated?

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Debashis Dip

I have a GTX950 2gb as my gpu.
This one is from my old pc.

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Pavel Razgovorov

Maybe you're missing some setting from the BIOS. Find your model on the Internet and set the recommended settings. Plus, try to boot it with the integrated GPU, then install the Nvidia Webdrivers, and then boot it up with the GTX. Installing a Hackintosh is not easy, but it is worth it 💪🏻

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Debashis Dip

i will definitely try it in future 😁

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Jason R Tibbetts

Apple really handcuffs developers with this.

Some of us like handcuffs. 😉

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Debashis Dip

worse keyboard ever. Mine failed after 3 months.

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Martin Himmel

I do pretty much everything on a mid-2012 MacBook Pro with a 13" screen. I like versatility and not being tied to a desk. I work from home 4 days a week, of which I spend a lot of time working in coffee shops. 😁

I have a desktop PC (Windows 10), but it's mostly for gaming. Although, since starting to learn Unity and C#, I've included the desktop for that, mostly because it's more powerful/faster.

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Jason R Tibbetts

I do pretty much everything on a mid-2012 MacBook Pro with a 13" screen. I like versatility and not being tied to a desk. I work from home 4 days a week, of which I spend a lot of time working in coffee shops. 😁


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Adrien Poly

I work also mostly out of a mid-2012 15" MBP and with a MacBook Air when I travel. Love both machines they are so robust.

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Andrew Bone • Edited on

My Devices are, bare in mind I work support:

1) Work Desktop

  • Core i7, GTX560, 8GB RAM, 120GB SSD
  • I use this 4 days a week 08:00 - 16:30

2) Home Laptop (for offsite working)

  • A6-4400M, Radeon HD 7450M, 8GB RAM, 120GB SSD (15.6")
  • I work from home a day a week and use this

3) Gaming PC

  • Core i7, GTX1070, 16GB RAM, 120GB SSD + 1TB HDD
  • I rarely get to use this anymore, shamefully it only gets turned on to be my Minecraft server

4) Nexus 10

  • This is my watch content in bed device, it's ageing a bit now but works

5) Nexus 7

  • This is my morning reading device, I read the news and, more and more often, this blog

6) Work Laptop

  • Core i7, Intel graphic, 16RAM, 120GB SSD (15.6")
  • I rarely use this just if I need to work offsite

I ordered them by how often they're used.

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Sergiu Mureşan

I am 99% sure GTX 870 for desktops doesn't exist. Maybe a GTX 970?

I used an Eee PC once to run a Minecraft server

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Andrew Bone

I don't know why I wrote 870, I knew it was a 560 😕
I've fixed the comment now.

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John Hotterbeekx

I usually use my phone for reading small articles, browsing and watching videos. This transitions over to my tablet laptop (Transformer windows tablet with keyboard dock) which I use for basic browsing, reading and also watching videos.

When developing I mainly use my laptop. For my actual work at the office, I'm using a desktop.

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Jack Harner 🚀

A shitty windows vista era (currently running win10) laptop that can run Illustrator or Photoshop, but not at the same time, choked to death trying to load Atom so I had to switch to Sublime.

A slightly less shitty Ubuntu Desktop that I use for most of my development work at home. It also runs Plex for my growing collection of movies.

At work I have a slightly shitty windows desktop that had the same struggles with Adobe products as my laptop, and a slightly better windows desktop that opens illustrator in like 7 seconds and it's magical.

Plus several different DigitalOcean droplets.

😭 I need a better computer 😭

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Jason R Tibbetts

I like how all three are on the shitty spectrum.

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Sergio Daniel Xalambrí

Only one, a 15' MBP 2016 (the first with a touchbar), I bought it because my previous 13' MBP 2015 didn't have enough space to run Docker for a week, it consumed a lot of disk space in logs in the past.

And switched to a MBP due Sketch for doing Frontend development, I spent almost 3 years without never using Sketch but I was told I will use it on a previous job so 🤷‍♂️

I want to now switch back to the previous MBP since the keyboard of this one is terrible 😕and maybe get an iPad to do some non-dev work (like support) without opening a laptop.

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Patrick Ziegler • Edited on

I have a custom built desktop, a Lenovo laptop, an iPad Mini, and an LG G6.

My desktop runs Linux and I use for everything from playing the occasional game to programming to doing my taxes.

The laptop runs the exact same setup as my desktop and also shares all config and project files with the desktop, either via git or Dropbox. This makes it really easy to seamlessly switch between the two machines without having to setup my dev environment again for a certain project. I mainly use it for coding.

I originally bought the iPad exclusively for university, but it's rather handy to browse code and quickly answer smaller issues when you don't have the laptop around.

The phone's main use is for reading the occasional article and twitter, it's basically a distraction in pocket format. I don't really use it for productivity anymore.

At home I only use the desktop and when I'm at the university, I use the latop or the iPad depending on what I'm working on.

EDIT: I also have a Raspberry PI which for now only runs an IRC bouncer.

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Martin G. Brown • Edited on

I have a personal Surface Pro 3. I plug this into my LG 27" 4k via USB and Display port and use the Surface as a second screen. Keyboard and mouse plug in the monitor. If I'm just doing something quick I use the Surface without type cover in Tablet mode.

I also have a Work Dell Precision laptop which plugs into the same LG Monitor when I work at home. When at work it plugs into a dock with a 24"and 22" monitors. It is used as a regular laptop in meetings.

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1- My Lenovo linux laptop
2- The easy-to-carry linux hp mini laptop
3- My even-easier-to-carry RPI 3 with mini screen and raspbian

I use my phone a lot when going out, But I do need to rest from both laptop and mobile phone from time to time!

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Drew Knab

Three of them at the moment.

Work Desktop, Windows 10 where I do a lot of work in C#

Lenovo Thinkpad X220, Linux box where I do a majority of my remote and personal work. 8GB/i5 is fine for web dev, tbph.

2014 MBP 15inch, mostly adopted by my partner. She's using it to learn how to write code at the moment.

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Mihai-George Sturza

I use 2 computers:

  1. Desktop Setup:
    • Specs: i5 4K, GTX 960 2 GB, 16GB RAM .
    • Purpose: Development and sometimes gaming.
  2. 2018 MacBook Pro 13'':
    • Specs: Base specs.
    • Purpose: Development.

Before the MBP upgrade I had an ASUS laptop with a pretty bad setup that made developing bigger project not possible.

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Stacy Montemayor

I moved to Mexico earlier this year, and only have what fits into a 50L bag and a small backpack. I move to a new city every 3-4 months, so I keep things sparse.

So, I have my MacBook Air (13" 2017) and my terrible phone: a Moto Z2 Play (my phone broke here, and because of really high import taxes on electronics, a good phone was just too much to stomach), so I have a super high-end mediocre phone.

My big dream addition - if I ever find a place I want to stay at for a serious amount of time - is an external monitor. My kingdom for some screen space!

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It seems like there's money to be made in a monitor rental service for digital nomads :D

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Stacy Montemayor

Dare to dream!

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Jason C. McDonald

Hah, this is a surprisingly difficult number for me to calculate! Most of my computer usage is on my reliable li'l Thinkpad. I also make regular use of the shared tower for more CPU-heavy tasks.

Meanwhile, I've got my family's Windows XP tower from my childhood (the first computer I ever coded on) under my desk, running like brand new. That's mostly for games and such.

Other than that, I've got a bunch of renovated laptops of different sorts, which I use for different testing scenarios. And, I've got an old Macbook for recording, and an old iMac G4 for, basically, randomness.

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Luis Diego Hernandez

So nice to see so many people using many computers. I was feeling kinda bad about thinking I'm forcing myself to "need" more computers.

Currently I'm using 3 computers but looking to extend the family. But in terms of all devices, as others have shared, I use:

  1. MacBook Pro from work, which now I use solely for work - before I used to use it for both work and sometimes personal stuff after work, like checking social media and stuff. Now I prefer to use another device for that.

  2. Personal MBP that I used to use for work and I use for personal/freelancing work. I do all work outside my job on this one, and I do most browsing and video calls (over Zoom, for example).

  3. Gaming laptop that I rarely use. I sometimes have a big urge of playing WoW or some other thing. I think I use it once a month recently. I was trying some streaming and podcasting setup, which I found to be able to do it more easily on this laptop than on the MBP.

  4. I use an iPad for most of my video consumption. Most of my YouTube, Netflix, Disney+, etc., use is done on the iPad. Also, I use this device for recording instruments on GarageBand (I'm not professional :P) and photo editing on Lightroom.

  5. I also use my phone a lot for voice-only calls, social media, browsing and reading short articles, and also a bit of YouTube, some games, and email.

I guess that I could live without the gaming laptop and the iPad, as I don't play so often and I could do mostly everything I do there on the laptop. Now I'm thinking of getting a Chromebook to do most of my browsing and some social media instead of the personal MBP so I can leave that only for work. I'm finding it really hard to justify, though. I've also thought about getting a Raspberry Pi, but I'd have to get a new monitor probably and all.

Anyway, just wanted to share. I think with the current situation there must be so many interesting setups now!

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Now I feel weird having only one computer and one phone :D

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Chingiz Huseynzade • Edited on

I have 2 computers:

1) Macbook Pro 13' - which I use to do my work, mainly programming. I also use it at university to study. While ago used it to play games.

2) Toshiba Satellite - with nvidia gtx 500, use it for gaming. Mainly to play CS: GO and Dota 2 :) But struggling with it, because it's too slow now.

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1) A macbook pro-2017.
GOTO machine for day to day browsing at home/working from home/coding side projects/managing my aws account. I've never connected it to an external display, only the TV I have for the occasional movie or so.

2) A win10 battlestation.
This one is rather powerful, mostly used for gaming. Connected to a couple of 23" displays. Albeit my colleagues tell me that I've not been on steam for 200+ days. So yeah. Not using it too much nowadays.

3) A dell xps 15 - maybe 2009. Considered potato by myself.
Currently running centos on it, as my main jenkins instance. It powers all the builds for my blog and anything related. It also has grafana/mysql/couple of services running on it. If you're interested, I've got a post about the setup on my blog.

4) A raspberry pi 3.
It used to be my jenkins server. At this exact moment, it's guarding me from the heat wave as I'm laying in bed, and it's powering a USB fan. Not much, but any bit helps. And all the proper ones were out of stock when I went to the shop. Looking forward to putting it to proper use.

5) A lenovo x1 carbon.
Work laptop. occasionally bring it home as well. It's running ubuntu, connected to one 23" display. It's the machine I've only recently got to try and I must say - the weight of the thing is remarkable. I'd really consider buying it over the macbook pro. Super duper happy with it. Battery lasts forever as well.

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Chad Smith

I currently actually only have one machine though very close to buying a laptop soon.

I just built my own desktop few months back. Has an i7 7700k and a GTX 1080TI and water cooled. So it is used for everything. Gaming, development, and general web browsing. It is running two monitors and an Oculus Rift. Currently doing game development mostly on it.

I also work off a desktop at work.

Been thinking of getting a laptop soon for my lighter development needs and just have something with me that I can carry around.

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Nicole Saunders 💻🌹

I need more screens mostly. Usually I have a lot going on and having 5-6 windows open that I’m actively working with on one laptop drives me nuts.

Most of the time I’m looking stuff up on the iPad and working on the laptop. Great for tutorials.

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John Forstmeier

Two as of this week.

  • a personal Dell Inspiron (very old by this point) running Linux that I want to replace with a System76 machine soon
  • a work MacBook Pro running macOS that I'm still getting a feel for an for which I've changed as many settings to match my Linux machine as possible
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Jeremy Schuurmans • Edited on

Right now, just one. It's a Lenovo Ideapad with a 15-inch screen, Intel i7 processor, 16GB DDR4 RAM, and a 512GB SSD. I picked it up for a song at Costco, and promptly switched out the Windows 10 Home edition it came with with Ubuntu, and then spent another day setting up my environment. It may not be a head-turner, but this machine gets it done. And fast.

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David Ojeda

I have three devices:

  • Laptop from work

    • Early-2015 Macbook Pro
    • For everything work related

  • Hackintosh desktop at home

    • 16GB RAM, GTX1070, i7-6700k
    • Windows 10 running on 256GB SSD mainly for gaming
    • MacOS High Sierra on 512GB HDD for personal projects or high demanding work tasks

  • My phone

    • Nexus 6P
    • For reading and watching YouTube
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Darkø Tasevski • Edited on

Two right now:

  • Macbook Pro 15" for work and learning stuff
  • Acer v15 Nitro with dualboot:
    • Windows for games and media stuff
    • Manjaro Linux for programming and experimenting

Plus crappy Lenovo A8 tablet for reading books, comics and quick googling.

No desktops, I'm always on the move and mobility means a lot.

Planning to buy an Raspberry Pi and e-reader in a next few months 😄Never enough gadgets

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Ikem Krueger

I have a desktop pc with an Intel Core 2 Quad @ 2,50 GHz, 8GB RAM and 250GB SSD running Windows 10. And a laptop pc with an AMD E-350 dual core @ 1,60GHz, 4GB RAM and 128GB SSD running Linux Mint Debian. I also have a Raspberry Pi floating around, but don‘t make use of it for now. (I plan to host my own blog/git server on it.) I use my Windows box mainly for surfing the web/watching videos, learning Javascript, and working on my tool win10svc. I use my Linux box to learn Swift, also learning Javascript, and working on my tools xdg-download-manager and grive2tray.

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Thomas H Jones II

Discounting the scads of EC2s I create and destroy in any given month, or the pocket-computer I carry to stream music from, make calls with and help me navigate, I really only use my laptop and my office workstations (two: we've got our internet-connected desktops and we've got our "trusted" workstations from which we're able to reach production assets). Depending on my project load, almost everything's done on my laptop ...since that's how I work from home. During those rare times when my project-responsibilities actually have me going into the office, then the balance shifts to those two workstations.

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Subbu Lakshmanan • Edited on

I have two MBPs. Personal one is 2013 13inch MacBook Pro with retina display. Bought in 2015 and I have no issues at all since I bought. Mostly use for personal use, entertainment and some personal projects.

My work machine is 2015 15 inch MacBook Pro with retina display 16GB Ram i5 processor. Primarily work on Android app development.

Other than these two I have a desktop(i7,16GB Ram) running Ubuntu 14.04 LTE that I use for AOSP builds and CI setup.

m242 profile image


I use a HP laptop, with an i7 processor and 8GB ram, as my primary and in fact almost only machine. I run Arch Linux on it, with i3-gaps as a wm.
I also use a Raspberry Pi 3B as a home server, and a lot of virtual machines.

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Alexandru Bucur • Edited on

1 Laptop (17in, i7, 12gb ram, 256gb ssd + 1tb hdd, semi gaming since it has a 850gtx)

I kinda love having my laptop around with me, both work and personal. I can always just use a secondary account to be on 'personal mode'.

It's sad that the 17in laptop marketshare is getting lower. I can't really understand how people can do development on 13in laptops.

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Michiel Hendriks • Edited on

1) At work I am the only one who has a desktop PC rather than a laptop. For the simple reason: it's cheaper, and way more powerful than laptops. It's a simple Dell Precision T1700 with a i7, 32GiB RAM, and 1TB SSD (and some Quadro GPU). It's a dual monitor setup. It's currently over 3 years old and still runs circles around the brand new expensive laptops other devs have.

2) At home I have custom build i7-6700K with 32GiB RAM, 1TB SSD, 3TB HDD, GTX1070. I use it mostly for gaming, and when I work at home or some hobby developments. This one is also a dual monitor setup, in fact the exact same U2412M monitors I have at work.

3) On the go I have a Lenovo Thinkpad X240 20AL007Y (with the HDD replaced for a 512GiB SSD). I picked this one because it is small and has a proper battery life. It has proper connections without dongles, nice keyboard, etc. Only the touch pad it rather dumb as it's also a big button. As this laptop was a "business laptop" rather than consumer it also came with no crapware to remove.

4) Custom build Linux HTPC/home server. A Intel N3700 with 16GiB RAM, and 3TB HDD. In a case with a Corsair SF450 PSU. This setup is basically passively cooled. The motherboard with the N3700 is passively cooled. And the SF450 PSU only spins its fans at a certain power usage, which is never reaches.

5) I recently bought by first tablet: Lenovo Pad 4 8. Mainly because it was cheap, small, and some what recent. The only reason I bought this is because I found out my ACM memberhsip gives me full O'Reilly Safari access these days, and I wanted something more portable to read this.

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Quentin Sonrel

I use 3.

At home my main computer is a desktop with 3 monitors (aka the bare minimum 😂). In runs a Debian/Windows 10 dual-boot. I use Debian for pretty much everything, mostly coding. Windows is used for gaming purposes only.

I also have a laptop that I use for small tasks... it's mostly when I want something more ergonomic than my smartphone but when it's not worth to boot the desktop. Let's say it's the couch computer!

At work I also have a desktop with 3 monitors, it runs Windows 10 but I work in a Linux VM 99% of the time.

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Jason R Tibbetts • Edited on

2012 maxed-out MacBook Pro i7. That’s it—no external display, external HD, etc. It lets me work wherever I want, whenever I want. At my previous 2 jobs, I’ve actually given away my external displays so that I don’t have them cluttering my desk, on the rare occasions when I sat at it.

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Moriah Maney

3 computers:

  • Work issued MacBook Pro
  • Gaming desktop computer (the water cooled one i just made a post about)
  • Personal laptop so I can freely browse the internet/watch Netflix while traveling for work (ASUS ZenBook)

During the day when I work from home I plug in my macbook to my ultrawide monitor and use my keyboard and mouse with it. Once the workday is over, gets unplugged and goes back in my backpack. Phone is usually when I'm sitting on the couch in the living room watching TV.

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Jaime Rios


  1. The standard MacBook Pro provided by my employer. 8GB of RAM which is never enough.
  2. A custom build at home with 16GB of RAM, Ryzen equivalent to a 7th Generation i7 CPU, GT1080 GPU, SSD, mechanical keyboard, professional mouse and a more than decent office chair.

Lately I've been using the MacBook for work only purposes, and try to do most of my blog posts and personal projects on my PC.

The main two reasons are that it inspires me to work and paranoia. I don't want any of my employers having full ownership of the code I write outside of work, I like to share it with the community and to access it for reference.

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Raunak Ramakrishnan

I have 2 computers:

  • An Acer laptop dual booting Windows 10 and Ubuntu. I use this for all my work.
  • A 10 year old HP laptop which I use as backup in case anything happens to the main machine. This laptop has outlasted 3 of my previous work machines.
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George Marr

I have quite a few systems setup for work and general usage, 4 that I actively use. And about 7 older ones that I no longer use or keep as something I could run tests on.

1) AMD machine used for gaming, dual booted on Windows 10 and Linux Mint.

I originally bought the machine a few years ago when I was a hardcore gamer, I wanted something to be able to play games at high quality but without making my bank account yell at me so I went with this. Over the years I went from a hardcore gamer to getting more into programming. Hence the recent decision I made to dual boot.

2) Macbook Air 2016
Most of the time at home I'll use my if I need to make something in Swift or Objective-C (very rarely), I often have it sat on my desk with films or tv series playing while working. The main usage comes from unvirsity and travel. I wanted something I knew that has good performance, battery life and a nice OS for on the go.

3) Server Machine
In my house I had a 4 box server setup. Two of the boxes I use for work, file storage, weekly backups etc. One of them is used for the family media content, I often keep books I've used to learn things as a PDF stored on there also. The other one is used as a fallback, so if something starts failing it'll fall back onto that one loading backups.

4) Raspberry PI media
I setup a TV above my desk that is hooked up to a raspberry pi running on the back, running on Debian it's mainly a media machine for when I'm in bed. It also links into the media server so, as well as having Netflix on it. I have some other plans that I'm hoping to introduce in the future for it, such as ordering a pizza with a macro.

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Saša Zejnilović

I have the worst setup ever

  1. Laptop Lenovo - for work purposes. Strongest/fastest of the bunch. Strictly coding and development. (Learning on the go). Arch/Ubuntu

  2. Laptop HP - learning purposes, presentations. Windows, 6 years old machine.

  3. Tablet older iPad. Presentations mainly. Some reading.

  4. RPi 3 - Playing at home. Self hosted GitLab, Streaming services, the drills.

  5. Xiaomi Mi A1 - Standard phone usage + the only device on which I play games... My game station.

I play on my phone each morning and night for fun. In the middle I spend all the time on the Lenovo coding. When I need to learn something or present something I uses the HP or iPad. That is once, sometime twice a month.

RPi is there when I need to sit down with a glass of apple juice and some learning videos like South Park or The Simpsons

abhinav profile image
Abhinav Kumar • Edited on

I use 2 laptops.

1) Personal laptop (Lenovo Y50-70)

  • Core i7 4710HQ 2.5 GHz, GTX 860M, 8GB RAM, 1TB HDD
  • Running Windows 10 Pro
  • Have used it since college. These days, it's my primary media consumption device. It's mostly used for learning, working on side projects, Netflix, Photoshop and MS Office when required.

2) Work laptop (A Dell machine)

  • Core i5 6500U 2.5 GHz, 8GB RAM, 1TB HDD
  • Running KDE neon, Ubuntu Bionic, Manjaro and preinstalled Windows 10 Home which I haven't booted in a while
  • I use a 24" BenQ monitor as my primary screen and a mechanical keyboard at work
  • Used for work-related development

3) Raspberry Pi 3
Before getting Netflix and Prime Video, I was using it as media server. I also have 2 older models, whereabouts of which I don't remember.

4) iPhone X
I have been trying to minimize my phone usage for a while. To read I bought a Kindle last year.

5) A dead Google Nexus 5
Battery has been dead for an year now. It's plugged-in whenever I get an itch for learning Android development.

I am planning to buy an iPad for bed usage. Laptop in bed doesn't seem too good for my eyes or posture.

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Sonica Arora • Edited on

My cofounder works on 7 9 machines simultaneously!… it's a flex set up with two three tablets (iPad + iPad Pro + Galaxy Tab), two phones (iPhone + cheap Android), a Windows machine, an old MBP and an Ubuntu machine paired with an iMac 27" at the center.

I taper off at two machines, a windows and an MBP, though my default is a Macbook Pro with Touchbar. I also use my iPad in the night for reading or surfing before hitting the sack.

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Ben Sinclair


My main workhorse is a 7-year old i3 Vaio running Arch. I've upgraded it with an SSD and 6GB RAM and it's more than enough for anything I need as a developer. Vim, Docker and Chrome are pretty much the only things running on it and despite the anecdotes of a million voices on the Internet, I never run shy of resources. It's the only machine I use for personal work. If it catastrophically fails I could replace it for under £200 and carry on where I left off. If the SSD dies or it gets stolen (yeah, right!) I have everything I need backed up and encrypted off-site.

I have a gaming desktop I made from an old i3 HP which I also upgraded with 8GB RAM, an SSD and a 980GTX card so I can play games (Fortnite > 60FPS, PUBG < 15FPS, which tells you more about how those games are optimised than how inferior my equipment is...) It has a nice 24" IPS monitor I could use with the laptop when I'm working but I can never be bothered. It's running Windows 10, which I haven't used in anger (all I do is play games on it) but it's not crashed in the last year so that's nice.

I have a micro-tower i3 Dell which I did the same old upgrades to as the others and plugged into my TV, ostensibly as a MAME machine, but I rarely use it.

At work I have a 2015 Macbook Pro. It's quite good, I suppose, but it's crashy and unreliable (exactly like my previous three Macs) and has the immense drawback of living in Apple's terrible GUI-centric world. It's quite good, but I hate it and it's gradually making me an angrier, grumpier person. What I do like about my work setup is that I have a 22" and a 27" monitor connected so I can use three screens. MacOS is still incapable of handling workspaces on multiple monitors without making me want to kick puppies so I get round it by having more physical screens, and that's the most inches I can fit on my desk without encroaching on my neighbour's personal space. I use a proper mouse with it, with a wire and separate buttons and stuff, mostly so the little light on the mouse can tell me when the computer's on because otherwise it's hard to tell if it's asleep or crashed. I keep the little handbag of dongles you need to connect to anything in my desk drawer.

I have a VPS I'm permanently logged into to use as an IRC bouncer, web playground and general remote shell.

I used to repair laptops for a living so I have a load of frankenstein machines lying around I don't use that I could probably get going if I could be bothered.

I don't really use the tablets that I have. If I want to read something on the go I'll use my phone in a pinch, but I'm more likely to send it to my Kindle because the reading experience is so much better.

I really only use my phone for entertainment or a quick test of something when I'm at work - I use the VPN on it to poke at some of our websites from different countries (for instance the project I just finished had to geolocate the user by IP address so it knew whether a particular video stream was available). That's the exception. My phone's not a work thing and I don't have my work email notifications on it.

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Anurag Mathur 

I manage a team spread across 3 countries. I code mostly in Java and PLSQL. I develop an application which compiles and runs over Weblogic Server on Linux OS.

I use 4 devices.

My primary work device is a Windows laptop at office that I use for everything other than programming.

I code, and test on a DevOps hosted Linux VM, which I connect via VNC or Tarantella via a browser. The VM is setup with my comapny’s source control system for ease of development. I recently started using ZSH and use a bunch of my own scripts/ completions to mimic Oh My ZSH over our proprietary source control system.

I own a personal MacBook Pro and use it for personal stuff. I have learnt programming languages on it. I have experimented with dockers, etc on it. It’s my learning station. I do all my personal work on it. This allows me to maintain personal - professional separation.

The last device I use is my iPhone. It also serves as my primary email client.

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Amir Sadollah

I own two laptops:

  1. Dell - Inspiron 2-in-1 14" Touch-Screen Chromebook - Intel Core i3 - 4GB Memory - 128GB eMMC Flash Memory
  • This is my home device. It stays on my desk at home and is where I do most of my work from home like spreadsheets, documents, online banking, etc.
  1. Google - Pixelbook 12.3" Touchscreen Chromebook - Intel Core i5 - 8GB Memory - 128GB Solid State Drive
  • This is what travels with me. I do all of the above including entertainment like YouTube and Google Play Movies. I also have the Pixelbook Pen which I use to take meeting and personal notes in Google Keep.
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Nick • Edited on

In the office I have a MacPro (Late 2013) with 32 gigs of ram, 3.5 6-Core Intel Xeon E5, 1tb SSD (free upgrade, thanks Apple!) and 2 AMD FirePro 3500. I have three 28inch displays attached to it.

It's a big monster, the main reason is that I virtualize Windows 10 with parallel desktop to run Visual Studio and at the same time use xCode. This fixed the issue of having two computers and working between them.

For a laptop I use a Macbook pro retina to work remotely.

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Thomas Landin

Two computers and my phone, as of right now.

I have a desktop PC that I built in 2013 and besides drive-space that I add/upgrade as SSDs become cheaper. It has the original 240GB SSD and 2TB HDD I built it with, and two months ago I added 2x500GB SSDs. It's an i5 4670K with 16GB of DDR3 RAM, and a GTX680 graphics card. It ran Win7 up until two months ago when I swapped it for Win10, and a week ago I installed Manjaro on one of the 500GB SSDs and dualboot it, because I like games too much to give up Windows. This is my main computer that I spend most of my free time on. Gaming, hacking, tinkering, etc.

I also took over an Asus laptop from my wife that I installed Linux on (Arch, will replace it with Manjaro once I'm done setting my desktop up). I was going to use it to scratch my Linux itch and have something mobile that I can use in the living room or on the porch, etc. It's a backup mostly, so I don't really use it that much.

And lastly my Galaxy S7. Web access (using it now to write this), communications, etc. when I need something quickly or if I'm away from my computers.

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Ross Henderson

3 computers.
1) Home PC. Windows 10 gaming rig. AMD FX9590 8-core processor, AMD R480 and 16gb or RAM. Needed it for gaming, multi-media production (hence the 8 cores) and it runs everything I need.

2) Work laptop. Lenovo Thinkpad. Core i7 and 16gb of RAM. Given to me by my company.

3) Home laptop. Some HP that does the job. Right button on it is broke. I barely use it.

I'd probably get myself a mac if I ever wanted to do go deeper into the web development route, but I don't know if I want to anymore.

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SharpDog • Edited on

Work Desktop: primary working machine,
Work Laptop: for working away from office,
Work Tablet: notes and diagrams,
Home Gaming machine,
Home General-purpose low power machine,
Home Tablet: web surfing, secondary display

I have more than double this many but these are the ones I use almost every day.

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Jesse M. Holmes

I have:
• one performance laptop to rule them all
• an iPad mini I use for reading, submitting financial business, and occasionally watching movies on the plane
• an iPhone X where I digest most of my web content.
• an Xbox One that delivers all the onscreen entertainment for the family

What I’m missing
• a Mac Pro for audio (and because I want to play with iOS development)
• a stack of raspberry pi/Arduino because …
• a replacement performance laptop since mine belongs to the Army, and I am moving on

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I have a work provided Win7 laptop that I run through a dock to a couple of monitors in my office. Favorite part about this setup is the size of my monitors and my mechanical keyboard, which provides no real benefits other than my enjoyment of the key sound and feel.

For home use I have an iMac. I primarily use this for self studying, work for my M.S. program, and recording music. I like having a different OS for home use so I can play around and not stay too focused on just windows.

I really don't like working on laptops, which seems backwards from most other devs I talk to. I enjoy having a dedicated workspace of my work or home office. It helps me focus in on my tasks and goals.

I benefit from having big/multiple monitors as well, which is hard to get from a laptop. Portability of laptops is definitely a plus, but I don't find myself in need of that often.

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Rob Hoelz

I have:

1) My main machine - a desktop running Arch Linux. I use this for nearly all of my development and a little gaming.

2) An oldish Thinkpad T420 also running Arch that refuses to die. This thing has had coffee spilled on it and even faceplanted onto the floor of a café once. Thinkpads take a lickin' and keep on tickin'. I bought it for when I didn't have access to my desktop for two years as my main development machine, and it's my go-to device when I'm working at a coffee shop or traveling.

3) A work-issued Macbook. I don't care for macOS, so I only use it when I go into the office.

4) A Pixel XL - I actually rarely use this now. I used to look at it while coffee was brewing, in between Overwatch matches, etc, but I decided to cut that out of my attention diet a few months ago.

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Weston Wedding

iMac from 2013 and no additional monitors at work. Sometimes bring over a 2nd monitor if I feel like I'm on a project that requires too much window juggling. Sometimes I might have to do something on one of our Windows machines, but generally not.

At home I have an aging PC I built on a budget that has reached its limits for gaming purposes this year (can't play 2 games I wanna play). One primary 29" screen and a secondary 25" off to the side. No fancy desk, just a computer table from the mid 90s that maybe used to be a large dot matrix printer stand.

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Primary machine (work):

Dell Percision, 16 GB RAM, 1 TB HDD, 3 monitors, Internet speed is fairly good (100/100)

My personal laptop:
2015 MBP, 8 GB RAM, 120 GB SSD, with 1 TB external, and NFS

My home server:
I3 series, 8 GB RAM, 1 TB HDD, acts as nas, JIRA etc - kubernetes cluster

General desktop / server:
AMD 6c/8t I believe, 16 GB RAM, 120 SSD, 2 TB HDD, GPU with 8GB, dual gbit Ethernet, Internet speed at house is 500mbit down, usually about 20-40up (old coax - new fiber comes soon), has single monitor hooked up but supports six with first card, two with second card, cost to build was $756CAD ($350 of that was the GPU)