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With the help of AI technology, TTS avatars are entering a new era.

Have you ever used AI+TTS Avatars before? You might have encountered them while using customer service for an online platform or game. AI+TTS Avatars are becoming popular in healthcare, education, and entertainment as they provide a more interactive and engaging experience for clients, patients, and students. This article will discuss this new trend and the technologies behind it and introduce the innovative ZEGOCLOUD Avatar solution.

What is an AI+TTS Avatar?

A computer-generated virtual representation of a person that interacts with people through artificial intelligence and text-to-speech technology is called an AI+TTS Avatar. This includes an AI component that understands language and a 3D model that mimics an actual human. Using algorithms and natural language processing (NLP), the Avatar is given a voice that sounds more human-like, making it capable of expressing emotions and empathy. In addition, these avatars can communicate in various languages and dialects, making them a good option for businesses or corporations that operate globally.

A growing market for AI+TTS Avatars

Virtual events have become more widespread due to the COVID-19 pandemic. AI+TTS avatars have played a crucial role in enhancing the immersive experience of these events. The market for virtual events was valued at USD 113,270.04 million in 2021 and is expected to reach USD 592,912.25 million by 2028. AI-powered virtual assistants like Siri, Alexa, and Google are becoming increasingly popular. The rise of AI-based digital solutions drives market growth and creates opportunities for developers and companies that utilize AI technology.

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Use cases of AI+TTS Avatars

AI+TTS Avatars have effectively improved accessibility and communication, especially in industries such as telehealth, where they help foster communication between physicians and patients with hearing impairments, visual disabilities, or linguistic limitations.

Among other primary industries successfully adopting AI+TTS Avatars:

  • E-learning and training programs provide a more exciting and dynamic learning experience.

  • Entertainment industry ensures more immersive and engaging experiences like virtual storytellers or interactive audio tours.

  • Gaming offers players spoken instructions or feedback, boosting their overall gaming experience.

  • Language translation services, which provide verbal translations of texts in other languages, help people who speak various languages to converse more successfully.

  • Advertising creates more engaging and personalized adverts.

As technology advances, AI+TTS avatars have the potential to become increasingly lifelike, resulting in more innovative use cases and economic opportunities in the upcoming years.

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