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Weekend Wrap-Up

Learning MERN at Hack Reactor
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In this post:

This post was actually largely written on Sunday. But I got caught up in re-factoring my blog routes and then writing about that process, and this one got lost in the mix.

Working with Git

Git has been great. I've avoided merging and have taken some shortcuts - but I also wonder to what extent those 'shortcuts' are just solid practices when it comes to avoiding merging.

I've taken to just dropping whole swaths of code in the latest pull from remote and then pushing and pull-requesting on that code. No manual merges required. I imagine that that exact scenario - same clean, non-conflicting code - would merge just as easily in the traditional process of working entirely from the local repo, and I'll find out soon.

Ive been creating branches and merging locally, which gives me confidence to do it in a team-environment. It's actually been a really efficient process of checking git hist for code I might want to re-visit and just knowing how to revert. Flipping between branches and then merging in a small update I made on a small side branch.

Like everything else, it's just practice.

Thinking like a web developer

A Web Developer is a type of software engineer. But it's important to know and to master your domain. There are many similarities between what we do and what a game dev do - but there are so many differences, too.

I'm a full-stack engineer, but this weekend, I wasn't always thinking like one. But I'm hard on myself. Really, what I should say is that I expect that as I gain more experience, the problems that I solved this weekend will take way less time to solve, or won't exist, with more experience. A big part of it is gaining familiarity with the tools. Another is just getting the reps. The same way that I can probably spot a bug-causing missing comma way faster now than I could when I started this journey. Part of it is the brain's background processes recognizing patterns (and broken patterns).

Take bundle.js for example. My server couldn't locate the resource at ./ (vs /) because the route's endpoint didn't branch directly off of the the root. So when the requested url was /:user/Endpoint, it was looking for /:user/bundle.js. Thankfully stackoverlow exists.

I love this stuff

So I'm finishing up my Sunday work. What a weekend. Felt both productive and not-productive - my typical coding experience.

I love this stuff. Reading about something new. Getting to use it. Managing the time with pomodoro breaks. Doing a bit of other work ('work' work). Deciding which project, or feature, to work up next.

I've started thinking about authentication for the blog project. Is user auth MVP? Probably.

And wow, looking at authentication...node/express really give you a lot more work to do than I'm used to from Django (which gives you so much out of the box). But a lot of this stuff I know from Django - not the implementation, but the reasons behind a lot of the pieces.

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