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IT Outsourcing partnership email offers and why bore me senseless - an email reply

A good sign of your SEO and content marketing is starting to work is that you are getting software companies offering to take on your spare work. Unfortunately, most of these companies just throws a lot of technology at you without explaining anything about their passions and motivations.

My thoughts are that the odds are stacked against small technology consultancies. To get attention they have to make products and/or collaborate with other software consultants to drive more traffic to their organisation. Not necessarily just their website.

I have started to add a few businesses that seems to be committed to this ethos on my partners page - it shows intent and motivation beyond just getting hourly rates.

What do you think?

My reply

_Hi there.

Thanks for getting in touch. It looks like your company is another relatively generic software outsourcing company? The only companies we can look to partner with are collaborative. They would review what we do, find synergy, share content marketing possibilities, and potentially develop products. From your website, it provides almost zero idea about what the capabilities of your company are. Sure, it says you do mobile development, web development, across many stacks, do you have any specific patterns, approaches that makes your company better than others? Any products you have developed yourselves that you are proud of? How about some developer stories of project successes?

In no way is this to diminish the probability your business have competent staff or could be an effective outsourcing partner. It just becomes very hard to know what really motivates your business above just getting an hourly rate through another company. How can we know that your company can deliver?

The final thing is, our website quite clearly says, don't just contact us asking us if we have any spare work. Our website discusses how we can collaborate, but it doesn't appear this has been read through at all - that isn't cool. We would rather share ideas, increase network effect, and potentially work together once trust is there.

Apologies if this sounds harsh._

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