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Hi, I normally contract in MSBI, Oracle, .Net/.Net Core, focusing on a property platform at the moment. Have also been working hard on upgrading my limited company website too.

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Degree - Grad 1998


CEO at London/Virtual

A newish automation configuration tool ripe for releasing - collaborators?

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Short term assignment - .NetCore/SQL Server/Piranha CMS

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A neat but hacky way to add customisable style changes to a web application

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How long will it take?

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How to try and build quality code in a startup

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Do you know of a simple commandline email client which...

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Why you must add relational database development to your toolkit

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Please help me understand my target product better. How do you automate your artefacts and applications?

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Data Protection and protecting your users in light of GDPR

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Avoiding Hard Coding and Magic Strings in code and databases

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An awesome way to avoid violating the open closed principle

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Application Configuration - thinking of configuration as data

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Rebranding yourself

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Database Domain Driven Design

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Novel tips on unit testing - avoiding hard coding

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