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How to Connect to the Remote Environment by Using SSH

Yuzu🥞Crypto Currency 3.0
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SSH is an abbreviation for Secure Shell. SSH is a protocol for communicate with a remote computer securely by using cryptography and the technology of authentication.

SSH is a mechanism that only specific users can access the remote environment. Authenticate using public-key and private key. RSA(Rivest Shamir Admin = One of the famous public-key cryptography) is often used.

To connect to a remote environment using SSH, you need to have a private-key in the local environment and a public-key in the remote environment.

GO to the local console.
-ssh username@IPaddress -i file_pass of private-key
Then you can use a designated remote environment.

It is necessary to specify the user name because it may be used by multiple users. IP address is like a network address of a remote. The file_pass of private-key is often been "home/.ssh

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