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Julia 👩🏻‍💻 GDE
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How I want to become a better programmer in 2022 - Part 3

At the end of January, I started writing about how I want to be a better programmer in 2022. If you haven't read it, you should check out my first article of the series first.

Let's see what I've accomplished since my first interim status I talked about in my second article, what's changed about my plans, and what I've had to adjust.

What I wanted to focus on since June, 01

(and what I actually focused on)

  • IAAP Certification
  • OCA Java Certification
  • ReactTS & Redux
  • Google UX Design Certificate

I started to learn for the IAAP Certification (CPACC) since June, and did the exam last week, on the October 12th 🤓. The results will be out in 2 months.
Unfortunately I was not allowed to do the WAS exam because of lack of experience in the field 😔.

I also learned for the OCA Java Certification in June/July, but I do not know when I actually will do the exam, if at all (decided by my company) 🤷‍♀️.

I could not deepen my knowledge of ReactTS and Redux because of a delay in our current project at the company. This will happen soonest in January next year 🥲.
In the meanwhile, I became a Figma Pro because of creating the prototype for our client.

🥳 I successfully completed the the Google UX Design Certificate.

🥳 Besides, I am one of the 5 winners of the Hashnode 4 articles in 4 weeks Writeathon.

I wrote a looooooot of blog posts about accessibility and I am halfway through to become the badge of 32 weeks writing 2 articles per week at 😎 (while writing this I found out that this badge does not exist anymore 🫠).

I held my first talk at Frontend 🦊 Foxes Day.

In September, I prepared for this years Hacktoberfest by creating my own organization called YurisCodingClub for my dear followers who want to switch careers and get into tech to and providing beginner friendly repositories to collaborate with.

I also started to produce content on Instagram - and LinkedIn - accessibilityfirst for my accessibility first organization.

What I will focus on in the last months of the year

  • Adding more content to the Yuris Coding Club learning website
  • Contributing and maintaining open source projects
  • Writing more blog articles about accessibility
  • Closing the gaps of my tech knowledge in order to become a senior developer
  • Preparing for the Japanese language proficient test N3 on December 04.

I am getting closer to my goal of being able to call myself an Accessibility and React Frontend Developer.

2.5 months left until 2022 is over. Still enough time to make progress. So let's keep going 💪.

Thank you

Thanks for your reading and time. I really appreciate it!

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