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Yuki Kimoto - SPVM - Perl Club
Yuki Kimoto - SPVM - Perl Club

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SPVM 0.9664 is released

SPVM 0.9664 is released.

New Features and Enhancement


0.9664 2022-12-01
  [Internal Compatible Changes]
    * Added spvm_inline_api.h and use it in spvm_api.c, spvm_api_vm.c, spvm_precompile.c
  [New Features]
    * Added the new syntax of the octal escape character and 3digit is allowed.
      \1, \2, \3, \4, \5, \6, \7, \8, \9

  [Imcompatible New Features and Changes]
    * \1, \2, \3, \4, \5, \6, \7, \8, \9 is not raw escape character.
      This becomes the part of the octal escape character.

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