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Manual Testing

Boundary Value Analysis?

BVA involves software testing data near the specified limits or boundaries in the input specification,The aim is to test the input data's extreme values and boundary condition's,This include minimum and maximum values,Test input's at or near the defined minimum and maximum limits.

Decision Table Testing?

A decision table testing is the tabular representation of several input values,cases rules & test condition's,The decision table is a highly effective tool utilized for both requirement management & complex software testing,Through this table we can check and verify all possible combination's of testing condition.

Use Case testing?

Its a type of black box testing that helps in indentifying test cases that cover the entire system transaction by transaction from start to finish,It is a description of how a specific user uses the system,This method is widely used in developing test at systems or acceptance level'a.

LCSAJ Testing?

It means Linear Code Sequence & Jump & its a white box testing methodolgy used to determine the code coverage means what percentage of the code is executed with the existing test cases,It helps in designing new test cases,which can increase the coverage of the code under test.

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