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Yuiko Koyanagi
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Developed a web app to convert images to Pokémon ASCII art style

Hey guys 👋👋👋

I have developed a web app, that converts images to Pokémon ASCII art style.



Like this!


※ This article is the eighth week of trying to write at least one article every week.


Visit, then upload an image whatever you want to convert Pokémon ASCII art style.

Just three step.

  • Select an image
  • Click the Convert button
  • Then, wait

You don't even need to log in, so have a look and enjoy freely!

Loading animation

Image from Gyazo

I used the monster ball as a loading animation.

Thanks to the article of Mr. Temani Afif, I got a good animation.

Image compression

This time, due to the fact that the API processing part is very heavy, the images are compressed on the front side and sent.
The same process is applied in ArtCreator.
The image processing system needs to be as light as possible before sending it, otherwise it will take a lot of time.

The following is a description of the process.

 * CDraw a Canvas and resize the image.
 * @param {object} image - Image Object
 * @param {number} limitWidth - Max width
 * @param {number} limitHeight - Max height
 * @returns {string} - base64
export default async function resizeImage(image, limitWidth, limitHeight) {
  const aspect = image.width / image.height;
  const canvas = document.createElement("canvas");
  const ctx = canvas.getContext("2d");
  let canvasWidth;
  let canvasHeight;
  if (image.width > limitWidth || image.height > limitHeight) {
    // If the image is larger than the specified size
    if (aspect > 1) {
      // For horizontal images
      canvasWidth = limitWidth;
      canvasHeight = limitHeight * (image.height / image.width);
    } else {
      // For portrait images
      canvasWidth = limitWidth * (image.width / image.height);
      canvasHeight = limitHeight;
    canvas.width = canvasWidth;
    canvas.height = canvasHeight;
  } else {
    // Within the specified size
    canvas.width = image.width;
    canvas.height = image.height;
    canvasWidth = image.width;
    canvasHeight = image.height;
  return canvas.toDataURL("image/jpeg", 0.85);
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That's it!

Thanks for reading.
This is some kind of a joking app, but I am very happy if you enjoy it!


Please send me a message if you need.

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