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Yuiko Koyanagi
Yuiko Koyanagi

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Image Transformation: Convert pictures to add styles from famous paintings

Hey guys!

I have developed an application, that converts your pictures look like famous paintings with the click of a button!

Image from Gyazo

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The usage is really simple.
Select a picture and choose your favorite style.

Image from Gyazo

Then you will get your original art with your picture!


Freely share and save it.

How to develop

The front part of this project is built using Nuxt.js and Tailwind CSS.
For image processing, I made API from the following repository.

To make the API, I used AWS service in the following configuration.


Initially, I used the following configuration, but when processing with Lambda, it inevitably took a long time to start up from cold-starting. So I changed it to the above configuration.
By using Lambda only as an intermediary with EC2, not for image processing, and by doing the processing on EC2, the startup of Lambda became much faster.

image (1)


I hope you will enjoy using my application, even though it is probably still inadequate in some ways.

I'm always looking forward to your feedback and bug reports.

Thank you for reading.


Please send me a message if you need.


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