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re: Does your setup include an external keyboard? If yes, which kind of keyboard do you prefer? VIEW POST


I also use the sculpt Jess recommended - have one at home and at work. I can't type at all with my arms straight so either need an ergonomic keyboard or my wrists are at a 45 degree angle and all the problems that brings.

I find the mouse that comes with it really useful - fits my hand neatly although it is definitely right handed so be wary if you like to use your left hand to drive the mouse.

I did a more in depth review on my blog:

Would heartily recommend although there are a few niggles to be aware of:

  • right handed mouse only
  • USB dongle doesn't work in a USB hub, has to be direct to the machine
  • no keyboard indicator of caps lock
  • lots of right hand keys sop sometimes difficult to locate arrows keys by touch
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