Does your setup include an external keyboard? If yes, which kind of keyboard do you prefer?

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I'm all about mechanical keyboards. If you're interested, I highly recommend checking out the subreddit for them: reddit.com/r/MechanicalKeyboards/


I checked this Reddit link and I am glad to have stumbled upon this; never knew mechanical keyboard was a thing.

In addition to skimming through the many links mentioned there, I also went through your Blog, specifically this one. Thanks for sharing your answer and also spawning interest in me for these keyboards. :)


I accidentally logged in using my work Github! sorry about that

NICE I'm glad you are interested! I'm like, unhealthily into mechanical keyboards, so if you ever have any questions, feel free to ping me @cassidoo on Twitter (or here), I'm very happy to knowledge dump on you. :)

Thank you! BTW I already follow you on Twitter after i attended your Vue.js session at Signal conference!! I will definitely post questions. And also I am coincidentally discussing these keyboards with my regular Waze carpool driver, who also happens to be an avid fan of these keyboards :) he too is interested in checking your blogpost


Ohh, a few of my pals are big mechanical keyboard fans, which are you currently using?


A few! I've got:

  • WASD fullsize keyboard with MX Browns
  • 60% with DSA Overcast and Gateron Greens
  • Varmilo VA68M with DSA Royal Navy and 65g Zealios
  • WhiteFox with 67g Zealios
  • Ducky One TKL with MX Speeds

And going to build a 65% keyboard with GMK Oblivion next. :)

Why do people like mechanical keyboards?

Whenever I use a keyboard with big, raised keys it feels so clunky. Like I’m being slowed down.

Probably just so use to the slim-line MacBook keys.

Should I be giving these keyboards a red-hot-crack?

Sounds like you've used some super clunky keyboards then. There's a lot of them out there and some people love those. I recommend checking out a keyboard with MX Speed switches, or Kailh low-profile switches. They became a thing because keyboards these days are cheaply made. Mechanical keyboards fixed that, and then came customization to the nth-degree, which made people (including me!) flock to them. :)



I use the Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Wireless Desktop Keyboard and Mouse (with the risers they give you.)

It's helped my carpal tunnel tremendously and is super comfortable. I also like to keep my laptop on a stand, so it's nice that the keyboard is also wireless.


Yes! I love this keyboard too! But the mouse - I still have no idea how this mouse could be useful, that's why I use an external trackpad together with the keyboard. Do you use the mouse as is?


I actually do use the mouse that comes with this keyboard -- it takes pressure off of my wrist which makes it really comfortable. I like the fine control of a trackpad, but i end up collapsing my wrist down a lot of times.


Don't know what's happening at Amazon, all Key-board related product peek result in a Internal error (50X).
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Yes. Apple Bluetooth Wireless keyboard since it matches my laptop's keyboard for better muscle memory.

I used to use a really nice mechanical keyboard but the Meta key (aka "Command") was small and too far to the left that it cramped my thumb by the end of the day.


I want to use my Poker2 for its super small footprint and macro functionality but I'm currently too used to my MacBook's keyboard configuration 😣


Perfectly fine with a daskeyboard Ultimate Model S.

Full EU Layout (US also available), MX Cherry Brown, F-Keys, no Media buttons (what is that shit anyway), numpad (although I could do without thanks to Neo2), properly sized arrow keys, blank (that's a strict requirement due to my differing layout, and it adds coolness factor )


My Logitech K310 is now 5 years old and still working (its predecessor, a Cherry keyboard, didn't last for 2). I love how I can rinse it with warm water and enjoy the feeling of a clean keyboard every 2 months. Too bad Logitech doesn't build them anymore.


WASD Keyboard CODE 87

Yep, it's expensive but worth every penny. I'm finally breaking it in after almost 8 months of usage. Love it!


Since my Macbook got a slight blue spot in the middle of the screen which is driving me nuts, I work exclusively with an external monitor.

For this setup I decided to try the Cherry MX Mechanical Keyboard with brown switches.


I switched the Windows- and Alt-Keys to bring it closer to the Mac-Layout.
It feels great and I didn't need much time to get used to it. It's also one of the cheaper mechanical keyboards with real Cherry-Switches.


I also use the sculpt Jess recommended - have one at home and at work. I can't type at all with my arms straight so either need an ergonomic keyboard or my wrists are at a 45 degree angle and all the problems that brings.

I find the mouse that comes with it really useful - fits my hand neatly although it is definitely right handed so be wary if you like to use your left hand to drive the mouse.

I did a more in depth review on my blog:

Would heartily recommend although there are a few niggles to be aware of:

  • right handed mouse only
  • USB dongle doesn't work in a USB hub, has to be direct to the machine
  • no keyboard indicator of caps lock
  • lots of right hand keys sop sometimes difficult to locate arrows keys by touch

They're my religion. So far my best & very budget friendly experience has been with the standard Apple Wired Keyboard amazon.com/Apple-Keyboard-Compatib.... It was quiet, roomy, dirt cheap, and along with wrist exercises really decreased the wrist pain that reared it's head during transitioning from a client facing physical role to 10 months of 40ish hours of programming a week at a desk ( since I stole it from my Mac Desktop at home). I'm shopping for a better keyboard to make my work setup ergonomic right now actually, I'll keep you posted if I make any nifty discoveries :) .


Of course! I am using a Das Keyboard, brown switches. 100% would buy again. Best feature, I don't mind keys getting mixed when I take them off to wash them! :D


I use the Lenovo Compact USB with trackpoint - on the rare occasions where I need the mouse I don't have to move the hands.


I'm super grateful you asked this question! Did a bunch of of research and I couldn't find a better option than the Microsoft Sculpt Jess recommended. I'm going for it.


Yeah All the way Mechanical keyboard with custom keycaps Leopold FC 660m