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Productivity... As a Developer??

Ok, many developers -like me- are obsessed with productivity so here are so things:
(Note: these are my ideas and thoughts)


Of course, as any developer we mainly use apps -unless you are coder grandpa and you use pen and paper- so here is my collection:

Text Editor: VSCode
It just works, it's fast, reliable, FOSS, and it has a lot of extentions
If you want something other than VSCode you can see my list on text editors

Browser: Firefox Developer Edition:
It's open source, fast (and not a memory hog looking at you Chrome) and it makes me feel better about myself :D.

Notes: Obsidian
I really like it it's FOSS, fast, and I like how I can open them anywhere because it uses markdown.

TODOS: Todoist
Ok, this is not open-source, but it is actually one of the best. It is minimalist fast and beautiful.

Project Management: FocalBoard
If you've never heard of this one, you have been missing soooo much, it is like a trello/notion hybrid.


So, this won't be a large chapter, but I suggest you reading Getting Things Done by David Allen, also Building a Second Brain by Thiago Forte


Programming is hard, and these tips/apps will help you!

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