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New Challenge???

After working on a project through my full stack development experience [link for the article] I am constantly thinking about Next.js and if it is the best choice I also wanted a new and harder challenge for me I have nothing to lose so I am starting to go down the iceberg, so I listed all the stuff that I might learn and those were the available choices:

1. Rust

The new “Chad” of programming language although I said in [which programming language to learn first] that it’s not a good choice for beginners but I am not one anymore, I threw this one out of the window because it needs around 5GB of download and in Syria, this will take 8 hours and the internet will plummet in speed so Rust OUT!

2. TypeScript

TypeScript is the new JavaScript (I don't agree in the slightest) it’s statically typed and bla bla blah. The reason for my hate is OOP (object-oriented programming) Yes, I might be completely biased, but... It makes absolutely no sense to me, so TypeScript is OUT!

3. C++

This is a superset of C it has some syntactic sugar like OOP my enemy and a bunch of other stuff, I scraped it because it does nothing for my use better than C, so again C++ is OUT!

I had many other options but those are the main stuff I considered

Now for the survivors

1. GO (Golang)

It is the C for the 21st Century it is statically typed and has fast performance types due to its compiled nature.

2. C

The OG of programming and the former “Chad”. It is simple in syntax but has a ton of logic and I think by learning C I will become a better problem solver and a more well-rounded developer.

Now let’s enter the category of stuff that is considered may learn

1. Haskell

This is a purely functional programming language, and I have never used one so might be interesting

2. V

Similar to C but has some interesting ways of managing memory that you can implement such as opting in and out of the garbage collector. It was my option instead of C but I found no learning material.

So, if you have any thoughts about my decisions don’t keep them to yourself and write a comment with your advice, also these are my thoughts and not something to blindly follow, just for consideration.

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Zoppatorsk • Edited

Well.. I guess the lang u choose depends on the use case.
If i was purely thinking about job opportunities here I wld learn stuff like C# and dotnet framework.

If want to work on legacy web stuff then PHP (shrugs!! ;) ) wld be good.. or maybe Ruby.. and if want to work on old ancient bank system n stuff like that could learn things like Cobol (at least here can find positions as Cobol dev.. heeh..) ... and so on..

youssefmic profile image

For me, I am not looking for a job I am 12 bro, I have experience in backend web development so I saw those were good opportunities to develop my craft