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Discussion on: How do you come up with the product names?

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Junxiao Shi

I build libraries for Named Data Networking (NDN). I name my libraries with "NDN" and the platform / programming language of the library.

  • NDNts - TypeScript
  • esp8266ndn - ESP8266 microcontroller; later it's expanded to ESP32 and nRF52, but the name remains
  • NDNph - C++. Both "ndn-cpp" and "ndn-cxx" are taken, but my library is header-only and focuses on packet format, so "ph" means "packet headers".
  • NDNgo - Go

There's no hyphen in these names, so that they can be used as Twitter hashtags.

For applications based on these libraries, I name them with library name + application main feature:

  • NDNts-CA - certificate authority
  • NDNts-video - video streaming

They serve as examples of my libraries.