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Videos auto-playing on Dev.to

yougotwill profile image William Grant ・1 min read

Curious to see the community's thoughts on auto-playing videos in posts on dev.to. Personally I'm not a fan and would like some way to disable it within dev.to's settings.

I appreciate the videos themselves but sometimes when I'm on Dev it's not the appropriate environment to watch videos.

What do you think?


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Agree with this, Dev.to as a platform is more geared towards blogging than it is video hosting, and auto-playing videos on a platform such as this is an instant tab closed;didn't read for me, regardless of what the quality of the video may have been.


Sometimes the posts have a transcript underneath and then I'm not as annoyed about the auto-play because the poster made an effort. But to only have a video and nothing else can be very annoying and I see it as low effort.


Agreed, I strongly dislike auto-playing videos, reminds me too much of ads.


I think so too! My tab close response is almost automatic.