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Discussion on: Taiwan & Hong Kong Need Our Help

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Yoren Chang • Edited

Thanks to Sarthak for such a thoughtful and touching post. I appreciate any efforts that can help us who identify ourselves as Taiwanese keep this very unique identity. This means enormous to us that I believe people from a REAL** regular country (which is be in part of UN etc.) hardly understand why we get emotional when people say to us - "I (we) will just call you Taiwan, not Taiwan (province of China)".

I was asked a few times why don't we like to be seen or called as part of China? I was like - "because we're not"? It's like if you are Jonh and people keep calls you James or John (property of James), you must say it every time when that happens - "Hey - just call me John".

So that is basically what I and fellow Taiwanese like Jess do, when every time we get called in the name against our identity, we say - Hey, just call me Taiwan!

** editing to use "regular" instead of "real", since I actually feel like Taiwan is REAL but just not a regular country as most people read from books.